Higher Education Provider

How Corecom has helped a renowned Higher Education provider to recruit 28 roles within its technology team.

Key successes

Placed 28 people across various technology disciplines

Sourced and placed the HE provider’s entire DevOps Team

Expanded the Business Analysis Team


In 2021, the Higher Education provider had approximately 200 IT and Technology employees. They were undergoing a cycle of digital transformation, which they typically undertake every five years. As part of this big transformation journey, they needed feet on the ground in the delivery of an internal ERP system.

Members of the organisation’s technology teams attended Corecom’s award-winning TestBoss event for Software Testing professionals and selected us as their recruitment partner for the project.


The Higher Education provider was looking to build its IT and Technology capability, with a requirement for the following roles:

DevOps positions – all levels

Software Testers

IT Team Lead

Head of Information Security

Head of Data Protection

Solution Architect

Data Architect

Formulation of a technology Senior Leadership Team


Corecom was required to follow the organisation’s approved recruitment process, which consisted of:

  • A vacancy remaining open for four weeks
  • Two weeks from the closing date before the interview is undertaken

Corecom first aligned the client’s recruitment process; there was concern that the lengthy process could result in potentially losing talent. As a result, Corecom devised methods to improve the candidate journey, setting out clear expectations in terms of the length of the process and providing regular touch points.

Acting as an extension of the organisation, Corecom’s dedicated Senior Recruitment Consultant ensured that he met with candidates, sometimes multiple times, to retain their interest throughout their recruitment journey.

Given Corecom’s close relationship with the organisation, there was strong understanding of the employer brand and desired candidate profile. Corecom has placed the the technology Senior Leadership Team and entire DevOps Team.

In addition, Corecom has successfully filled seven Business Analysis positions, three roles in its Software Testing team, plus IT Team Lead, Head of Information Security, Head of Data Protection, Solution Architect and Data Architect roles.

Corecom have filled each and every one of our DevOps roles to create an excellent team of experts that we refer to internally as the ‘A-Team’.

Head of DevOps