At Corecom, we don’t just accept differences, we celebrate and thrive on them for the benefit of our employees, our clients, our candidates and our wider community. We know that celebrating differences improves employee wellbeing and satisfaction and that this, in turn, brings greater employee engagement and higher profits. As a recruiter, we believe that we have a role to play in supporting our clients and our candidates to also strive for a more inclusive world. We offer a wide range of services as well as working with community partners to ensure that recruiters, candidates and those at the start of their journey to employment in the tech sector, all gain the opportunity to understand their rights and responsibilities and to challenge held perceptions and practices. Through partnership working and collaboration we want to deconstruct the existing barriers to employment and success to create a sector that is truly diverse and rich.

Diversity & Inclusion Statistics

  • Only 2.6% of people on tech boards are from ethnic minority backgrounds
  • Yet diversity of thinking enhances innovation by 20%
  • And racially diverse teams outperform less diverse competitors by 35%

Corecom’s D&I mission, values and expectations

We are on a mission to build a tech sector to be proud of. One that is diverse, creative, fun to be part of and, of course, highly successful with a pipeline of truly amazing talent. We understand the ethical, economic and cultural benefits of having a diverse and inclusive workforce and champion this model at every level of our business. Reflecting our mission are our values:  

  • Diversity and respect – Cultivating an inclusive environment whereby people are comfortable being their true selves and encouraged to share their experiences 
  • Innovation – Embedding Diversity & Inclusion as a foundation for internal and external recruitment, advising candidates and clients on how to improve their D&I standing 
  • Delivering Excellence – Pro-actively championing D&I internally to ensure equal opportunities and improve employee satisfaction
  • Integrity – Understanding our individual responsibility within D&I across the to ensure continuous improvement, both personally and professionally and holding each other accountable in support of an inclusive environment 
  • Collaboration – Partnering with our clients to raise awareness of the benefits of having a diverse workforce and of creating an equal and inclusive environment

Our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Ambassador, Dom Brown, is leading the way on closing the gap and overcoming the challenges of building an inclusive workforce in the tech sector.

Being a D&I Ambassador is an honour as it gives me and others a platform to encourage education through discussion. Often people shy away from conversations including diversity, however, I now feel like I know my colleagues better now through creating a comfortable environment to talk about our differences.

We work with our clients to educate on the benefits of creating a more diverse and inclusive work culture. We show our clients how to become more inclusive, to increase the diversity of people in their recruitment pipelines and to improve their D&I standing within their business.

Our diversity and inclusion commitments and achievements to date include:

  • The appointment of two ambassadors to drive the diversity and inclusion agenda forward
  • Our Diversity and Inclusion Ambassadors received ‘train the trainer’ training from Jo Major, Founder of Diversity in Recruitment
  • The formation of the Women in Technology engagement team associates
  • 40% female workforce: an increase from 18% since 2019
  • Hosting WITBoss networking events since 2015, bringing female leaders in technology together to promote women’s prospects
  • Internal and client training sessions on topics including unconscious bias, blind CVs and writing fully inclusive job adverts
  • Diverse shortlisting of CVs to our clients 
  • Training, advice and mentoring across the tech sector
  • Employer branded digital marketing campaigns 
  • Hosting internal events to celebrate initiatives such as PRIDE
  • Partnerships with the University of Liverpool, Leeds Beckett University and Barnsley College to build careers skills for young women in IT
  • Community initiatives including providing practical CV, basic IT skills and job application advice to enhance employment opportunities for women refugees and communities at risk of socially exclusion
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I have seen the challenges that people with protected characteristics face and I’d like to be a part of the population that is fighting for change. I have personally seen benefits from growing up within a diverse friendship group and around a family from different culture backgrounds. I want to encourage people to celebrate people’s differences and to take the opportunity to learn about others and accept them for who they are just as they would like to be accepted themselves.

Dom Brown, Team Leader an D&I Ambassador