Corecom wins Prolific North Award for recruiting the best in the industry

Corecom Consulting is delighted to announce that we have won ‘Best Talent Acquisition Team’ at the Prolific North Awards 2022.

The award win acknowledges Corecom as a highly attractive company to work for and a recruiter of the best talent in the industry.

Ash Grant, Talent Acquisition Manager, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to have won the award. Corecom is a company that is committed to ensuring continuous and extensive investment into employee satisfaction, to diversity and inclusion, and to the delivery of a people-centred business model.

“We only recruit the very best in the industry; those that fit culturally and that will sing our values. We put our employees’ wellbeing and development first. We genuinely care about what is important to them and we understand the huge benefits that a happy workforce brings.”

Through extensive employee engagement, Corecom has increased employee retention and recruited 19 employees over the last 12 months. The company has also increased the headcount in its Netherlands team by 50%. It has permanently implemented a hybrid working model, shorter working hours and work from anywhere in the world for a month, ensuring that employees have a healthy work life balance and flexibility around their personal lives.

Corecom’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Ambassadors have worked tirelessly with all employees to make sure we, as a company, are being fully inclusive in our recruitment approach and hiring without bias, focusing on culture add rather than culture fit.  Managing Director, Jonathan Sanderson, said:

“D&I is core to our company values and we want employees to feel they can be their true selves in an environment where differences are celebrated.”

Corecom was also commended by Prolific North for its effective use of marketing in showcasing the real Corecom culture, including the strong friendships and family feel. The use of social media was mentioned, including the use of Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn in showcasing typical ‘day in the life’ scenarios, company socials, Valentine’s Day and Pride celebrations, and employee advice pieces and interviews.

The award win comes following the company achieving the remarkable ‘Investors in People Platinum’ mark in 2021, held by only 2% of the top UK companies. Corecom is set to grow the team from 30 to 50 employees over the next 12 months, recruiting experienced hires in its Delivery and Market Specialist teams, Learning and Development function and Talent Acquisition Team. Plans also include rolling out four Graduate Academy intakes per year of between six to ten trainees.

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I have seen the challenges that people with protected characteristics face and I’d like to be a part of the population that is fighting for change. I have personally seen benefits from growing up within a diverse friendship group and around a family from different culture backgrounds. I want to encourage people to celebrate people’s differences and to take the opportunity to learn about others and accept them for who they are just as they would like to be accepted themselves.

Dom Brown, Team Leader an D&I Ambassador