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We have been successfully matching top-tier contractor talent with leading businesses for fifteen years, so our expert team can answer all your questions. To make it easy we have collated the most popular questions here – please get in touch with us to learn more about becoming a contractor for Corecom, or hiring one of our contractors.

When should I consider hiring IT contractors?

Contractors can be hired at any time, but they are most fruitful when your organisation has a key role vacant that needs to be filled quickly, or when the specialist skills required sit outside of your existing organisational skill set, or during periods of organisational or departmental change.

What are the benefits of hiring contractors instead of recruiting permanent employees?

Contractors can be an invaluable asset to your organisation in various scenarios:

  1. Urgent hiring needs: When you have a critical role to fill quickly, contractors can step in immediately to bridge the gap.
  2. Specialised skills: If you require expertise that goes beyond your existing skill set, contractors provide access to specialised knowledge and experience.
  3. Adaptability: During periods of organisational or departmental change, contractors offer flexibility, enabling you to scale your workforce as needed. They are ideal for covering parental leave, bolstering staff during busy seasons, and managing transitions.
  4. Budget control: Contracting simplifies budget allocation with fixed short-term costs, eliminating the need for long-term commitments.
  5. Talent evaluation: Hiring contractors also provides an opportunity to assess their suitability for permanent positions, reducing recruitment risks.

Does Corecom have a ready-to-go contractor pool that I can draw from?

Yes! At Corecom Consulting, we have a diverse and reliable pool of IT contractors, continually expanding to meet your organisation’s needs. With over a decade of experience in IT recruitment, we offer access to top-tier talent and a wealth of specialist knowledge.

How quickly can Corecom find a contractor?

When time is of the essence, we deliver. We typically provide a shortlist of candidates between 24-48hrs, with contractors in place within three weeks. This rapid turnaround is one of the key benefits of using contractors, ensuring your critical roles are filled promptly with the right skills.

How cost-effective is it to hire a contractor?

Contract recruitment offers excellent cost savings. You can allocate a fixed budget for a defined period, eliminating expenses associated with traditional recruitment processes, such as advertising and induction.

How long does a typical contract last?

The duration of a contractor hire depends on your organisational needs. Our contractors undertake projects ranging from four weeks to a year, providing the flexibility to tailor their engagement to your specific requirements.

Why should I choose Corecom Consulting?

We are a multi-award-winning IT recruitment consultancy, renowned for our inclusive and diverse approach to working practices. At Corecom, we view our clients as partners and are committed to understanding your unique requirements and fulfilling your needs.

Our client testimonials and case studies speak volumes about the positive experiences our clients and contractors have had with us. Take a look here!

What are the key benefits of hiring a contractor instead of recruiting?

Hiring a contractor reduces the recruitment window, and reduces overheads. Moreover, it enables organisations to be flexible and adaptable during periods of organisational change. In essence, it ensures a quick and cost-effective, time specific hire. 

Will I have a dedicated point of contact at Corecom?

Absolutely! You will be assigned a consultant from our dedicated contract recruitment team who will work with you throughout the recruitment process to understand your needs and ensure the right hire. 

How are contractor salaries paid?

Paying your contractors is a straightforward process. There are no caveats on payment terms which means the contractor can ease into your existing payroll structure, whether that be that salaries are paid on a weekly or monthly basis. A digitalised sign-off process with contractors completing online timesheets for sign-off, simplifies the authorisation process and eliminates the need for unnecessary paperwork.

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