Lewis Horwell

I manage the Software Development team at Corecom, we work with Developers across .Net, Java, Front-End and Mobile Development.

Contact me on:

Call me on 0113 457 1454 EXT: 115 or email me on l.horwell@corecomconsulting.co.uk

What does a normal day working for Corecom look like?

My day will start around 7am, I’ll get up, make a coffee and no doubt get myself in front of Sky Sports News for a while. I see a lot on LinkedIn about waking up at 4am, going for a run, drinking a green tea and chucking yourself into an ice bath, all before 5:30am, what a load of nonsense!

Working day starts at 8:30am with a morning meeting with the company, it’s good to catch up with everybody and learn about how they’ve done the day before (and most importantly anything daft they’ve done!). We’ll then follow it up with our individual teams, which will be made up of me moaning about Grimsby Town for 90% of the time then 10% about business we can get done.

From then it’s all about bringing in the business. On top of that, the bit that really gets me out of bed in the morning is working with my team to improve themselves and help them create business themselves. It’s definitely the most rewarding part. Lunch will be made up of either a long walk or the gym and my famous habit of only ever having chicken and rice for lunch.

We’ll kick off the afternoon with a chat about how the morning went followed by more of the same, I love a good 3pm meeting usually so I’ll often get that on.

Evening comes and it’s either a long walk or the gym (depending on which one I did the day before) and I’ll no doubt rustle together something terrific for dinner (which includes Salmon Mondays, had it every Monday for at least a year). If there’s football on, it’s getting watched, regardless of the level. If my girlfriend is lucky she might get a crack at holding the remote for a few hours in which time I can pretend I’m not enjoying watching stuff like Selling Sunset and Housewives of Beverley Hills.

Bedtime for me is 10pm, every night, some accuse me of being a man of routine. I personally disagree with that and if you want to find out why, call me at 7:30pm-8pm during my allotted ‘disagreement time’.

What’s the best thing about working with the Corecom team?

I’ve worked at Corecom since 2018 and I’ve loved every minute of it. The atmosphere is different to any other environment I’ve been in before and it’s really a place where you can get on without any of the classic recruitment stereotypes. I’m a big believer in the fact that if you enjoy coming to work then you’ll never need to be encouraged to perform and that’s exactly the case at Corecom.

How do you spend those well deserved days off?

I have a new found love for walking and going to the gym so that takes up a lot of my time. I’m obsessed with football and get to as many Grimsby games as physically possible, if I’m not there, I’m at least listening to it. The pub is pretty good too.

What job would you be terrible at?

A teacher at a school, my girlfriend is a teacher and some of the stories I hear make me shudder. I’m not great with kids and I can sometimes be accused of having the odd piece of colourful language.

What’s a piece of advice that has stuck with you?

‘To get on well in recruitment you need to do 3 things – find what you’re good at and milk that for all it’s worth, find a place where you enjoy the work and make sure you value your own time at all times’ – Lewis Horwell 2022.

‘If you encounter a problem that isn’t going to kill you, then there’s ALWAYS a way around and everything will work itself out somehow.’

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What I wanted from this partnership was to be able to take a step back and free me up to focus on my other responsibilities in addition to recruitment. Working with Corecom alone made everything so straight forward. I wasn’t having to chase up several agencies and there was no duplication of candidates. Tunstall was their no1 focus and I trusted them to deliver, which they did. There was noticeable improvements in CV-to-interview and interview-to-placement ratios which was a real pain point before changing the model on how we worked together. Working on a retained basis gave me confidence that extra effort and resource would be put in to filling the roles.

Sarah Ibbetson, Internal Resourcing Manager, Tunstall Healthcare UK