How mentorship can transform the workplace

Today we’re recognising and celebrating the benefits of mentoring for International Mentoring Day. To mark the occasion, we’re sharing the success of our company Buddy Scheme at Corecom Consulting, launched by our inspirational Managing Director, Jonathan Sanderson. Jonathan is a dedicated mentor himself, supporting students at local universities, previously homeless people at the charity, Emmaus Leeds, and employees at Corecom Consulting. He was a finalist for ‘Leader of the Year’ at the Investor in People Awards 2021 and ‘Champion of the North’ at the Prolific North Champions Awards 2021.

Jonathan launched the Buddy Scheme in 2018 with the objective of enabling new starters and our more junior employees to gain help, support and advice from our more senior staff members.

Jonathan Sanderson, Managing Director at Corecom Consulting, said:

“The Buddy Scheme is an initiative which has been introduced to benefit both the mentee and the mentor. The mentee receives accelerated learning benefits, inspiration and motivation, which in turn leads to increased confidence and self-esteem. The mentor receives fulfilment through sharing knowledge and supporting in the social and economic progress of the mentee.

“I encourage mentees to use their mentors to gain developmental advice, for help with work issues, and to even discuss personal problems outside of work.”

Bethany Hall-Fletcher, Graduate Recruitment Consultant at Corecom Consulting, said:

 “The mentor scheme really helped (and continues to help!) my learning and development whilst in Corecom. It has helped me learn from mistakes before I even make them, as I can always run any decisions past my buddy without any judgement. It’s also helped me develop my confidence as a recruiter as my mentor is always around to hype me up whenever I’ve done anything well. I can positively say that the mentor scheme has transformed the way that I recruit for the better and has contributed to the leaps and bounds I’ve made so far in my role”

Do you have the attributes to be a good mentor?

If you display these six key qualities, then you do:

  1. Be able to listen and problem solve
  2. Be able to create a measurable plan that helps the mentee achieve their goals
  3. Be encouraging, positive and enthusiastic
  4. Have experience and expertise to pass on to the mentee
  5. Be able to use case studies and stories from past experiences as examples to help you teach
  6. Be willing to learn from the mentee too (mentors are also likely to learn something new)

Improve the mental health and wellbeing of your employees by implementing a mentoring scheme. For further advice and guidance visit our Employer Centre.

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I’ve worked at Corecom since 2018 and I’ve loved every minute of it. The atmosphere is different to any other environment I’ve been in before and it’s really a place where you can get on without any of the classic recruitment stereotypes. I’m a big believer in the fact that if you enjoy coming to work then you’ll never need to be encouraged to perform and that’s exactly the case at Corecom.

Lewis Horwell - Head of Software Development & Team Lead