Development and Retention

Mentoring: the benefits

A mentoring relationship can have benefits for both parties. The mentor can broaden their own skill set or keep abreast of new ideas and schools of thought, whilst the recipient can take advantage of the mentor’s experience, expertise, knowledge, contacts and guidance.

This type of relationship, which may be structured or more informal, is invariably based upon good communication and mutual respect and trust. It will normally involve the parties meeting on a regular basis to set goals, discuss progress and exchange ideas.

Benefits for recipients

There are development opportunities that you can offer to your employees that will prove effective and valuable. A mentor can offer a protégé unrivalled support, guidance and encouragement that can improve personal skills and deliver countless professional benefits that are good for the individual and the business alike.

The protégé will gain an insight into new ways of thinking and different ideas, the opportunity to learn how best to overcome any current weaknesses and build upon their strengths.

A mentor can provide guidance as to how the protégé should best develop and advance their careers and give them the opportunity to enhance their skill set and knowledge of the business and the industry as a whole. Of course, there is also the likelihood that they will benefit from increased recognition and visibility amongst colleagues and managers.

Mentor benefits

Mentors may ask why they should give their time to impart the skills and techniques they have spent years developing. The answer is that there are many benefits to be had, ranging from personal satisfaction to tangible professional rewards for their time.

Mentors receive recognition as an expert and leader in their field and can also benefit from being exposed to fresh ideas and approaches. They can extend their own record of professional development and improve their coaching and leadership skills. Mentoring also provides the perfect opportunity to reflect upon their own practices and goals.

Benefits to the company

Mentoring offers businesses the opportunity to develop emerging talent in a way that works and is cost-effective. It can promote the on-going engagement of senior or experienced members of staff and give them renewed energy and vigour in their own work. It also allows important skills and critical business insights to be passed down to future leaders.

Mentoring adds to the company culture in promoting professional and personal growth and allows for the nurturing and transfer of good practices. It can improve and enhance coaching and leadership skills amongst senior employees and ensure that talented individuals are developed, engaged and, ultimately, retained.

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