Under the Spotlight with Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador Dom Brown

Diversity and Inclusion’ has always been at the heart of Corecom Consulting’s values, and 2021 saw the appointment of two Diversity and Inclusion Ambassadors to ensure it stays at the forefront of the business.

Research has shown that 67% of workers consider diversity when seeking new employment, as a diverse workforce leads to higher engagement, profitability, team morale and retention (Achievers, 2020).

We asked Team Lead and Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador Dom Brown, to share with us his personal experiences and views on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

What have been your own experiences/struggles with diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

“Growing up I have often been identified as a black person, without people asking about my ethnic background. Whilst I was younger, I would let this slide, and on reflection I think I even believed I was fully black. Over time, I have begun to stand up for myself and be confident in my own skin, whilst correcting others to educate them on the fact that everyone comes from different backgrounds and it’s important to show an understanding of this.”

Have you ever felt not inclusive and was anything done to rectify it?

“I wouldn’t necessarily say I haven’t felt included, however I have realised when others haven’t been included, and made a conscious effort to ensure they’re involved in the conversation or activity. This probably stems from my sister having a disability and often being left out of activities because of assumptions that she couldn’t do something. The best place to start is by having the conversation with that said person (and everyone) to ensure they are comfortable with what’s being asked, and you have understood their perspective on a situation.”

What trends have you seen that could be used to help businesses avoid diversity and inclusion issues?

“Often companies try to jump in to promoting D&I within their companies, without ever acknowledging their own issues and with a lack of understanding of their employees. Therefore, the best place to start is to have conversations with your own staff to understand how they feel in the business through anonymous surveys. From this you can identify REAL areas for improvement and also areas that the company is doing well in.

Using personal experiences with Diversity and Inclusion is a great way to shape a strategy within a business. Creating a more inclusive and diverse business has nothing but great benefits, it gives employees a sense of belonging and brings ideas and experiences from all backgrounds to the table, giving your business an advantage from the offset.”

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