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What’s the worst interview no-show excuse you’ve heard?

For those who’ve interviewed people for a position at your organisation, we all know how frustrating it is when a prospective employee doesn’t show up for their interview. What can be even more frustrating (and sometimes very amusing) are the unbelievable excuses that crop up as a result. So, we’ve put some of the most popular, including some common and a couple of excuses we’ve experienced:

  1. “My car broke down on the way to my interview.”
  2. “I couldn’t find the office, so I went home.”
  3. “I couldn’t find my car keys.”
  4. “My goldfish has died.”
  5. “I have to wait for a very important parcel.”
  6. “I fell asleep on the train and missed my stop.”
  7. “Oh…I thought it was next week..?!”
  8. “My wife/husband/domestic partner just won the lottery!  Turns out I won’t need to work after all.”

Any of these corkers ring a bell?

There are of course fully genuine reasons for prospective employees not being able to make it to an interview. Good candidates are quite often busy undertaking job interviews with multiple companies because they are in high demand. Those who are currently employed whilst looking for another position have limited interviewing time due to their responsibilities. Young candidates, such as university graduates, can be nervous or anxious about the interview process because they are out of their comfort zone.

The employer, rather than the job applicant, can also be the reason why candidates don’t attend their interview. Some companies can put off prospective employees by not providing a clear and concise job description or by supplying misleading information. This can result in confusion and ‘no-shows’.

So, if you’re looking for new people to join your organisation, bear these things in mind when making the necessary preparations. Approaching the recruitment process properly should result in far fewer interview dropouts and further additions to our weird and wacky list of excuses.

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