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What to Expect at an Assessment Day

Assessment days are extremely prevalent in graduate-scheme application processes.  They are an effective way of assessing the candidate in a number of tasks, including: psychometric tests, interviews, group tasks, presentations and how you hold your own throughout the day.  We hope this article helps you develop a better understanding of how to conduct yourself at an assessment day.

How to Act

Dress Appropriately and Greet Impressionably

It is important to make a good first impression to your future employer, so make sure you dress appropriately.  The dress code will usually be specified in your invitation, but if you are unsure of what to wear, it’s better to dress more smart than casual.  If in doubt wear a suit (for males), or for females, wear low heels or ballet pumps, black jeans, blouse, dress or skirt down to just above the knees and a blazer jacket.

When you meet your assessor, be sure to hold eye contact and give a firm handshake, this will show confidence, and give a good first impression.  It also goes a long way when you greet fellow candidates and get to know them better.  You are assessed on how you act around other people, therefore how you act around other candidates will be noted.


Do not Dominate Group Tasks

You will be placed in teams in order to engage in group tasks.  Although the task itself is not that important, your approach to the task is what will be noted.  It is for this reason that it is highly important not to drown out other candidates, listen to what they have to say and act accordingly.  It is often the case that the loudest candidate in the group is not always the best.


Concentration is Key

Assessment days will seem long and mentally draining.  This is normal when applying yourself 100% to every task, but it is important that you concentrate on the tasks throughout, so that you don’t fall short of what is expected.


Be Yourself

If you come across as enthusiastic about the role and the industry, this is a good sign.  Always be energetic and put your own way of thinking into each task that you complete.

Remember to be yourself, employers aren’t looking for someone who acts artificially in situations, they are looking to invest in a genuine candidate.  Don’t take notice of other candidate’s strategies, concentrate on being yourself and giving each task your all.


Interview Preparation

If you get called in for an assessment day, it is likely that they will interview you based on your CV, competencies, industry knowledge and your own skills.  Make sure that you are prepared for the interview and have answers to potential questions prepared in your head so that you are not stumbling over your words throughout the interview.  Do your own research on the industry and on current affairs so that you have things to talk about and questions to ask at the end of the interview.


Good luck on your application, and we hope this helps when you get through to an assessment day!

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