Fruitful office 06/01/2016

Link between healthy eating, exercise and productivity in the workplace

Corecom Consulting is undergoing a well-being initiative throughout January in a bid to impose the health benefits that arise from healthy eating and regular exercise, and the effect that this has on productivity in the workplace.

It is advised that people should exercise at moderate intensity for at least 150 minutes every week.  Corecom has promoted the importance of regular exercise and has issued every employee with a free two week trial at Speedflex, an alternative to the gym that offers high intensity circuit training led by a personal trainer.  Regular exercise can improve morale amongst colleagues, make people feel better about themselves and alleviate stress levels throughout the office, subsequently leading to a happier, more productive workforce.

We all know the importance of consuming your ‘5-a-day’ of fruit and veg, but how many of you actually adhere to this rule?  Corecom has provided staff with weekly baskets of fruit throughout January using Fruitful Office, a company offering a selection of seasonal fruits, which in turn promotes a ‘5-a-day’ lifestyle within the office.  There are extreme health benefits when eating well and there are also financial benefits to your organisation through reduced absenteeism from illness and increased overall productivity.

Goal setting is a great way to motivate staff to achieve objectives, but when employees set their own goals they are more likely to achieve them.  This is because intrinsic goals have got incredibly powerful motives behind them which drive individuals towards success, inadvertently increasing productivity in the workplace through improved morale and work ethic.  Since we spend much of our day in the office, it is a great place to set healthy goals and achieve them with our colleagues.

Gemma Robinson, Operations Manager and driver of the well-being initiatives said:

“It is really important to educate people about the benefits an active, healthy lifestyle can have on their everyday life.  It can have such a beneficial impact on an individual both physically and mentally, as well as boosting their job performance.

“I am looking forward to the rest of the month as I have daily wellness plans to implement, including new recipes, workouts, and fitness tests to name a few.  My aim is to promote wellness throughout the company and I hope that it continues through 2016.”

Keep posted on our social media accounts to see what Corecom will be getting up to over the rest of the month.

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