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Under the Virtual Spotlight with The Stars Group’s Director of Engineering & AND Digital’s Chief Engineer

Our next DevBoss networking event will take place online on Thursday 13 August 2020 from 3.00 – 4.00pm. The virtual event will be hosted by Dan Whiteley, Director of Engineering at The Stars Group and Jeff Watkins, Chief Engineer at AND Digital, both of whom will be discussing key software development topics at this live session.


Dan will address the topic: ‘Adapting to maximise the change in working practices’ – a short presentation on the impact and challenges of COVID-19 on the way we work, our productivity and tooling. He will answer the following three questions:

Can we be truly pandemic proof?

  1. With a stable and productive remote workforce, what will the new norm look like for us?
  2. How will we adapt to maximise the change in working practices and future opportunities when it comes to talent, productivity, innovation, ways of working, well-being and our culture?

Dan will cover:

  • A remote first approach – getting it right
  • Maintaining and building our culture
  • Flexibility and ways of working

Jeff will be delivering a talk titled: ‘Building Modern Microservices using Event-Driven Architectures’. He will be addressing the following:

  • Why your choices of architecture and design around Microservices matter, and how they could limit you
  • What patterns should we consider, and what should we avoid
  • How to use eventing to build orchestration or choreography into an architecture

Jeff said:

“Microservices are incredibly popular at the moment, however they’re rarely implemented as true Microservices, more ‘distributed monoliths’, due to a lack of distributed systems thinking. In this talk, we will explore the various qualities of Microservices and how we can practically implement these in your systems.”

DevBoss creates a unique platform for leaders in Software Development to discuss hot topics, learn from some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. Grab a drink and dial in – click here to register

Please note: Owing to social distancing restrictions, this event is now being held online. Dial-in details will be provided upon registration.

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