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Top 12 techie desk gadgets

What do you have on your desk at work? Usual telephone, stapler, headphones, mug, family photo or two? If you’re a techie with a passion for gadgets, it’s likely that you may have a few additional devices to make your desk space more entertaining and potentially save you time. If you don’t, you’re definitely not fulfilling your tech geek status to its full potential.

We’ve done our research on the best tech desk gadgets to make your working life more entertaining. Be the envy of all your colleagues with these ‘must-haves’:


  1. Foot hammock

A whole new meaning to ‘put your feet up’. Kick back and relax whilst your test script is running.  Just make sure you don’t disgust your colleagues with your smelly feet…





  1. Novelty mug

Investing in a novelty mug can bring a variety of benefits to your working life. How about a handy mug that hides your biscuits/cookies from your colleagues beneath your brew? Or bring some hilarity to your working life by showcasing your favourite side-splitting tech joke…


Picture1   Picture5



  1. Washable keyboard

Did you know that your computer or laptop keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat? Yum! Wash those germs away with this revolutionary washable keyboard.

If you’re a particularly messy eater or just plain clumsy, crumbs, this is for you!





  1. iPhone charging stand

Did you know that UK adults spend an average of eight hours and 41 minutes a day on media devices? No wonder our smartphones are running out of battery before the day is up.

This 100% natural wood phone charging stand and sound amplifier for iPhone, stands your phone upwards or horizontally. It charges the iPhone and has a pen holder to neatly keep your things organised and at hand. Very professional!





  1. Basketball rubbish bin

Test your ‘tekkers’ – here’s a fun alternative for the office and a chance to look away from your screen.





  1. Cable tidy clips

How do you keep your desk tidy? These useful clips keep your desk tidy and organised by clipping your cables away from your workspace to give you more room to work and fulfil those health and safety requirements.


Cable clips



  1. Hand pillow

Spent all night debugging some maddeningly elusive software defects? Look no further – the hand pillow; a very comfy pillow for a quick nap at lunch time or on the train in-between meetings. This genius product is a blessing for employees, (but one to watch for employers).


Pillow  Capture


  1. Rubik’s cube mini fridge

“Anyone for a Rubik’s Cube refreshment?!”

This is a great novelty item for people who love gadgets – it’s a mini-fridge disguised as a large Rubik’s cube! “But how do I get into it?” I hear you cry. Don’t fret – there’s no time-consuming twisting and turning; just open the door.





  1. Desk matt

Personalise your desk with a colourful or patterned matt – just like you’d spruce up your living room with a jazzy rug, you can also do this with your desk. Simply place this under your keyboard and instantly ‘feel’ the benefits.

On a budget?

Some people have been known to have a carpet sample or off-cut under their keyboard, providing that soft comfy feeling when sitting at a desk. Shagpile or Berber?





  1. Novelty Bluetooth speaker

Get ready to geek out! This wireless Darlek Bluetooth speaker has a range of 33 feet and includes sound clips such as ‘Exterminate’, ‘Gun’ and ‘Re-initializing’. What’s more, the antennae flashes with music and gets brighter as the volume increases.





  1. Mug coaster warmer

“Fancy a cuppa?” A must-have item for any hot beverage fans out there. Keep your drinks hot by heating them up with this coaster, saving you time to make another.


mug c



  1. The Wild Card

Need a new Office Manager? Meet Betty; a highly sophisticated robot, running artificial intelligence-driven software. She has been developed by an international research team led by the University of Birmingham.

Betty won’t sit on your desk, but she will supervise the office, assessing clutter, the temperature, noise and health and safety measures are being met. She’ll even welcome guests in Reception. Read more about Betty here.





Upgrade your desk space

3 Desk items infographic- Natt


These beauties, all available from Amazon, are guaranteed to bring some sparkle to your working life – not only will you be germ free, fully charged (phone and you personally) and totally relaxed, you’ll be the talk of the office.


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