Test Managers - How to Retain Your Employees_- article 07/05/2019

Test Managers | How to Retain Your Employees​

Recruiting and retaining the best employees is an increasing challenge, particularly in Software Testing, due to talent shortages.

Employers are thus looking to new ways of retaining current employees and attracting prospective employees to their organisation, introducing a variety of staff initiatives, such as the below, to make them stand out and to increase productivity:

1.      Encourage employee input and involvement

Test Managers should ensure that everyone is empowered by what they do, emphasising that their contribution is adding value. Inviting them to share their ideas, express their thoughts and encouraging them to experiment will make them feel involved. How often are you asking for your employee’s feedback? Are you listening and acting upon it?

2.      Flexible working

Flexible working tends to result in employees being more productive and an increased contribution to the business. Are you making use of flexible working methods? These statistics will get you thinking:

Source: The Muse

3.      Be innovative

How often are you challenging your teams? You should allow team members to develop their skills whilst implementing the latest technologies. This may include working with:

  • API and Web Services Testing
  • Mobile Automation Testing
  • Mobile Performance Testing
  • JMeter

Get the full guide – ‘Test Managers – How to retain your employees’

Leading Test Managers reflected on the growing IT presence in the North West, debating what companies can do to retain their employees. Take a look at the full guide Test Managers – How to retain your employees 

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