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What techniques can we adopt to scale rapidly whilst keeping security, elasticity and cost at the forefront? | Watch the Recording

We interviewed Neil Briscoe, CTO at Cloud Gateway, as part of our series of webinars for Leeds Digital Festival. We asked Neil:

What techniques can we adopt to scale rapidly whilst keeping security, elasticity and cost at the forefront?

 In this illustrative recording, Neil talks about moving into the cloud and hybrid connectivity. He looks at two things:

  1. How to connect
  2. The things that you can do from a scalability perspective

Neil looks to an example of an enterprise with data centres, a WAN and who want to start to do stuff with a cloud services provider.

He acknowledges that when Covid hit, this pushed people to work from home but many companies didn’t have the VPN licenses, they weren’t catered to run at 100% concurrencies for all users and this would swamp their network. What Cloud Gateway tried to do was to do this expansion and to futureproof really quickly without putting any more impact on their existing data centre.

Neil talks about what an exterprise can do if it desperately needed access to things in the cloud and wanted to augment its estate. He provides the positives and negatives for the following techniques:

Technique One: use VPNs as an extension of your data centre – this is tactical but not very strategic

Technique Two: private high bandwidth circuits directly into AWS or Azure – this takes time and isn’t cheap

Technique Three: Cloud Gateway – this is a direct cross-connect and can connect to networks securely and instantly or within minutes.

Neil looks at what an enterprise can do if Covid hits again and how its employees can work from home going forward, once they’ve got connectivity.

He points out that if you have a VPN, you would usually have a corporately owned device. Some laptops aren’t good enough and don’t have a VPN client. The solution could be a Microsoft, Azure and AWS spin-up where you pay for what you use. This is fully auditable, secure and great in an emergency scenario. Scalability is instant and does not put pressure on your existing estate.

Neil states that an open VPN farm links in to active directory so people can only see what they have been given access to. As more people go to multi-cloud, they are migrating tools and moving to the cloud. This can be accessed securely from around the world with a Web Application Firewall (WAF). Also included is certificate inspection, encryption, full firewall, GOIP blocking and it is a quick and effective way to publish applications to the internet securely.

These techniques can enable businesses to move in any position whilst having a unique platform that is quick plug and play to be able to do this, along with compliance and governance being met.

“Here’s how to extend into cloud, three cloud connection methods and, once you’re in the cloud, some of the cool stuff that you can do to enable a remote workforce.”

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