wellbeing month - article 06/02/2019

Team promote wellbeing with meditation, fitness MOTs and health shots

Corecom Consulting is dedicated to ensuring that its employees’ mental health and physical wellbeing are cared for. In light of this, the team have taken part in a Wellbeing Month during January where they have been shown how to take good care of their bodies and minds.

As part of the initiative, employees experienced a relaxing guided meditation session, hosted by Kevin Whittington – Managing Director at Nooksrest. They were provided with advice and techniques for sleeping better, coping with a busy workplace and methods for day to day relaxation. Kevin said:

 “Meditating gives you the opportunity to put things into perspective and to learn skills to deal with stress and anxiety.

 “The wellbeing coaching and mentoring provided as part of the Nooksrest session allows employees to think about their mental health and to make changes in their habits before mental ill-health becomes an issue.”

Additional wellbeing activities organised by Corecom Consulting and undertaken by the team included:

  • Pilates Mondays
  • Smoothie Fridays
  • Homemade Ginger & Apple Health Shots
  • Breakfast omelettes
  • Sight and hearing health checks
  • Mini Health MOTs, including body weight, blood pressure and BMI
  • Physiotherapy sessions
  • Free team gym sessions during and after office hours
  • Healthy Tuck Shop, including detox teas, fruit, healthy snack bars and nuts


  • Regular team goal sharing to increase shared motivation levels
  • ‘Dry January’ (for those who dared)


Gemma Robinson, Director & Head of Operations and Georgie Lynskey, Head of Business Analysis and Senior IT Appointments, attended a wellbeing course together, hosted by reputable recruitment professional, Mike Walmsley and Katie Maycock. Gemma said:

“It was really eye opening to meet with likeminded CEOs, directors and leaders to share and discuss health and wellbeing initiatives. Stress is very common in the workplace, affecting digestion, physical health, mental health, relationships and productivity.

“At Corecom Consulting, we are committed to ensuring that employees take healthy measures to prevent stress and anxiety. We have been running our annual wellbeing month for the last four years and this year we will be delivering our health and wellbeing initiatives throughout the whole year. We firmly believe that a healthy, happy and supported workforce is the key to a successful business.”

In celebration of successfully reaching the end of a very healthy month, the team was rewarded with a nutritious breakfast, whilst sharing their key successes and achievements from the month. Take a look at ‘The Breakfast Hash’ below:


‘The Breakfast Hash’ – Sautéed bacon, poached egg, spinach, chorizo, sweet potato and avocado











Jonathan Sanderson, Managing Director at Corecom Consulting, said:

“The team have all had their own separate goals to achieve; some have dipped their toes in and some have taken the initiative very seriously and done a full detox, strict diet and exercise regime. The team have experienced real benefits whilst doing so; feeling healthier, having more energy, being happier, comradery, clear thinking, increased mental strength, positivity, sleeping better and feeling better overall.”  

Health and wellbeing – we recommend…

There are a wealth of health and wellbeing initiatives you can implement into your teams. For hints and tips read the following guide: Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace.

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