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Spend less time CV sifting – three top tips

Recruiting talented employees can be costly and time-consuming for employers. Weak labour markets and convenient ‘click to apply’ buttons are making it easier for candidates to share their CVs with a range of companies, meaning that any one position may get hundreds of applications.

How can you ensure that you’re receiving good relevant applications for your job vacancies? We’ve devised three ways to combat sifting through unsuitable CVs:


  1. Create a targeted job advert

Creating a targeted job advert will increase the likeliness of you receiving applications from people with the skills and experience you’re looking for. Don’t copy and paste job adverts from previous positions – take the time to be creative, clearly defining the role, along with detailing essential and desirable requirements to increase efficiency and reduce wasted time later in the process.


Top Tip: Quality beats quantity every time.



  1. Test applicants first

Most companies abide by a standard hiring regime such as:

  1. CV review
  2. Telephone interviews
  3. Face-to-face interview
  4. Testing
  5. Psychometric test
  6. Final interviews

Although this is a tried and tested structure, many companies could reduce costs and make better hires by utilising quick, web-based psychometric tests at the first screening stage. This leaves a smaller, better-qualified collection of candidates to undergo the more costly personalised parts of the process.

The ‘test first’ approach works for a few reasons. Embellishments on people’s CVs has rendered reviewing CVs as a time-consuming screening method, while testing first weeds out the unsuitable applicants straight away. Secondly, web-based tests are much more widespread these days making testing inexpensive and convenient for businesses to use, with research confirming that these tests are good predictors of performance.


Top Tip: Utilise web-based psychometric tests at the first screening stage



  1. Be proactive

It is often the case that suitable applicants are not actively looking for a new role, however, if approached they would be open to the idea of a move. Proactivity is key to avoiding a stagnated CV reviewing process. Some strategies to identify suitable candidates include:

  • Searching LinkedIn to reach out to candidates.
  • Seeking help from professionals with unrivalled market knowledge.
  • Attending networking events to broaden your network and meet new people.


Top Tip: Be proactive – contact people who may not be actively seeking a new position


“In my experience, LinkedIn can be a great tool for employers. Some of the top people in a particular field aren’t necessarily looking for a new job opportunity but are potentially open to considering one. Employers can use LinkedIn to generate awareness, directly target and converse with these people.”

Zach Quinn-Lomax, Recruitment Consultant, Corecom Consulting



Want to improve your employment processes?

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