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Six stress-busting apps to make you more productive

Most of us are working around the clock, have our mobile phones with us everywhere we go and are taking work calls and answering e-mails out of hours.

Mobile phone apps are a great way to listen to music, play games and order your groceries whilst on the go, but they could also transform your productivity and reduce your stress levels at work too.

Here are six stress-busting apps you should try to make you more productive at work:

  1. Start the day with Wakie

Find it hard to get out of bed in a morning? Then Wakie could be the app for you.

Turn your alarm clock off…because a stranger is going to call you for a quick chat at the time of your choice!

If that’s a bit too strange for your start to the day, why not be the one to wake others? Yes, you can make the calls and help fellow sleepy heads come around more quickly in a morning.

  1. Be more productive with Focus Booster

Have you picked up your cuppa, sifted through your inbox and made a start at planning your day? Make your working life more productive with Focus Booster which will assist you in breaking your work down into 25 minute intervals, followed by breaks, using the Pomodoro Technique and some additional fun features.

  1. Transform your project planning with MindNode

Got a meeting to discuss a project you’re currently working on or some new work? Award-winning MindNode is a mind mapping tool which allows you to formulate a visual of your brainstorming session. All you need to do is to put your project objective or subject in the centre of the spider diagram and the app allows you to add in your thoughts and comments for increased clarity and focus.

  1. Struggling to remember too many passwords?

LastPass is your solution; it securely stores all of your passwords so you don’t have to remember them all. It will even remember those crazy complex high security passwords with its clever encryption technology. Just remember not to forget your LastPass password!

  1. End the day with Headspace

Take care of your psychological wellbeing with Headspace, which is beneficial for stress and anxiety reduction and increasing creativity and focus. The app introduces the practice of mindfulness meditation, including what you need to do and how it will improve your life.

  1. Remembered something as you’re drifting off?

If you’re one for waking in the night with an idea or something you’ve forgotten to do, get Google Keep; a note taking app developed by Google. It allows you to add notes, create lists, set up reminders, upload photos and record audio.  You can even write your shopping list which will pop up when you arrive at the supermarket. Share your list with someone – simply tick the item off to let your other half know that you’ve picked it up. This app is great as it syncs across your devices, therefore you’ve always got your important lists and reminders with you.

For further advice and guidance on managing stress and wellbeing in the workplace, take a look at the resources below.

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