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Register Now | Are You in Automation Hell or Optimisation Heaven?

Our next TestBoss event will take place digitally on Thursday 22 April 2021 from 11.00am – 12.00pm.

The event, titled: ‘Are You in Automation Hell or Optimisation Heaven?’ will be hosted by Sam Finnegan and George Lund, Test Recruitment Consultants at Corecom Consulting and led by guest speaker Phil Stead, Director at Corecom Quality Engineering. Corecom Quality Engineering is an innovative Testing and QA Consulting firm who deliver high-quality management information through testing.

Phil is a former IBM Global Service Executive Partner, who for the last 12 years has built and lead successful UK Test and QA Practices. He has extensive experience in advising executives at C-Suite level and developing solutions which improve quality, speed to market and reduce costs. His achievements include defining the Fit-for-the-Future QA and Test Strategy for the UK’s Leading Building Society, identifying the cause of a potential major project overrun for a leading life insurance company and quickly removing thousands of man days and bringing the programme back to original schedule.

TestBoss attendees can look forward to hearing Phil advise on the following:

  • Automation is much more than selecting a tool
  • Apply the same principles to automation as you would to developing a business app
  • Optimise first – then automate


This event is part of Corecom Consulting’s award-winning Boss Event Series. TestBoss is aimed at Leaders within Software Test Management. Click here to register your interest and learn from a reputable and knowledgeable speaker in the industry.


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