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How to Recruit Top Talent

There are ever aging concerns based around the question ‘how do I attract top talent to my organisation?’ Corecom Consulting wants to help point you in the right direction in order to inspire candidate acquisition.  This blog is designed to educate you as to the correct pathway to talent, with the do’s and don’ts to candidate attraction.

The Correct Way

Keep Job Postings Fresh

When job postings have been around for 15 weeks candidates start to think that the opportunities you have are just bad jobs, keep postings up-to-date and don’t let them over stay their welcome on the job boards.

Utilise Social Media

Social media is a must in this day and age and needs to be harnessed accordingly.  It is a vital tool for recruitment but you shouldn’t just stop at LinkedIn and Facebook.  Twitter, blogs and YouTube are all on the rise for recruitment purposes, so make sure you are using these platforms to reach out to your talent.  Research has shown that 40% of organisations are using three or more social media platforms for recruitment, so don’t fall behind when it comes to your online presence.

Snappy Online Application Forms

Don’t make online applications take forever as this will make candidates disinterested and will increase the number of drop outs on your online applications.  Applications should take no longer than five minutes if you want to maximise the number of submissions completed.

Deliver a Personal Approach

Research suggests that 90% of those treated with courtesy and a personal touch are more likely to refer a friend to the company.  Remember, it’s the little things that make a big difference to candidate’s perceptions about your company in the application process.

Post Application Survey

Questioning candidates who are successful and those who are unsuccessful will help you to highlight the recruitment processes that are working and the processes that need further improvement.  These short surveys take no time at all and can prove to be invaluable sources of data when determining the best recruitment practices.

The Wrong Way

Tired Job Posts

Studies indicate that 75% of job seekers are dissuaded by tired job posts and spend just 30 seconds reviewing a post.  Make sure you create job posts that will interest and excite your talent as this will increase the number of relevant applications to your vacancy.

Poor use of Social Media

If you’re not utilising social media as a platform to showcase your jobs then you need to be adjusting your recruitment process to address this.  The majority of job seekers expect to come across job postings on social media, 69% of which expect to see positions displayed on LinkedIn whilst 56% anticipate seeing them on Facebook.

Long Online Application Forms

Online application forms need to be kept short and snappy.  A massive 60% of online applications take ten minutes to complete whilst 8% take an hour!  Don’t bore potential talent with a tedious application process, make it short and the talent will ensue.

No Correspondence after an Application

It is just as important to give feedback to unsuccessful candidates as it is to successful ones.  Studies show that 77% of applicants don’t receive any correspondence from organisations following their applications.  By keeping unsuccessful candidates in the loop as to what they could improve on for future applications, it will keep candidates on good terms with your company so that the door is still open if future opportunities arise.

Not Asking for Feedback

Giving feedback is all well and good, but receiving feedback is even more important if you want to improve on your recruitment process.  Only 55% of organisations gather feedback about their hiring process.  Gathering feedback allows you to see what works and what doesn’t, and enables you to change ineffective processes in order to improve the candidate’s experience.

Always remember that communication is the key to delivering a winning candidate experience.  If you know what the candidates want and can deliver the desired actions, you will be in a much better place for candidate acquisition.

If you want any more tips, get in touch! Email with any queries.

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