Peni Hanbury

I work in Operations so I’m responsible for managing day to day cash flow of company, maintaining accurate set of accounts, managing timesheet portal for contractors, writing contracts for contractors and clients, managing sales forecasts and reporting on sales, day to day management of the office including stationary orders, stocked with tea and coffee, post collected etc

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Call me on 0113 457 1454 or email me on

What does a normal day working for Corecom look like?

I wake up and have coffee served next to my bed by my husband. He has to try and wake me up for the next 10 mins, have a shower, get dressed. Working from home I dress in my running gear so that I am ready for my lunchtime run. If I’m in the office I am driven to work by my husband (my personal chauffer).

Once I’m at my desk I go through my e-mails and start by attending to anything urgent and then get on with daily tasks.

At lunch time, Gemma and I will usually go somewhere together. We sometimes treat ourselves to a pizza or we’ll go get something healthy and eat it back at the office. I am originally from Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa – we moved over to the UK in March 2021 having being farmers in South Africa for over 30 years. Having lived on a farm where you were 20km from the nearest supermarket, popping out for lunch with a colleague was never an option, so this is quite novel for me. 

Whenever I leave the office during the day, I will use the stairs (we are on the sixth floor). By the time I reach the top, I am huffing and puffing!

After work, I am collected at the front door by my private chauffer and I usually get home to a cooked supper. In South Africa, my husband never cooked or did the grocery shopping as he was busy on the farm, so he is really enjoying learning how to cook. 

In an evening, my husband and I will train on our indoor cycle trainers to music before supper. When we do this, we are able to talk about our days without him being miles ahead of me if we were outdoors (he is much stronger than me)! 

What’s the best thing about working with the Corecom team?

I love working at Corecom because the team is very hard working but so much fun at the same time. I love that the team works as a team – there is no person that works exclusively for their own benefit. Right from my very first interview with Jonathan, y=the one thing that I came away with from the call is that he is 100% invested in his employees and an excellent leader.

How do you spend those well deserved days off?

I love to go walking in the hills, mountain biking (the more remote, the better) and running. 

When I lived in South Africa, we would regularly visit the Drakensberg mountains (they make the Peak District look like little hills) where we would go hiking or mountain biking. 

What job would you be terrible at?

I would be terrible at sales – I don’t have the patience to convince someone that my product is better than the next.

What’s a piece of advice that has stuck with you?

Live within your means.

What people say about us
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What I wanted from this partnership was to be able to take a step back and free me up to focus on my other responsibilities in addition to recruitment. Working with Corecom alone made everything so straight forward. I wasn’t having to chase up several agencies and there was no duplication of candidates. Tunstall was their no1 focus and I trusted them to deliver, which they did. There was noticeable improvements in CV-to-interview and interview-to-placement ratios which was a real pain point before changing the model on how we worked together. Working on a retained basis gave me confidence that extra effort and resource would be put in to filling the roles.

Sarah Ibbetson, Internal Resourcing Manager, Tunstall Healthcare UK