James Geeson

I am currently an Associate Consultant at Corecom. I work in the Delivery Team which means I recruit purely on the candidate side. My role in the team has me working a variety of roles across the IT market. I aim to work a 360 role in the near future, once I have accrued more experience, and have learned more about specific markets.

Contact me on:

Call me on 0113 457 1454 EXT: 104 or email me on j.geeson@corecomconsulting.co.uk

What does a normal day working for Corecom look like?

My day starts with me waking up at 7am, turning the kettle on and jumping straight in the shower. I then commute into Leeds on the train and get into the office for 8:15. I like to spend 15 minutes before the morning meeting looking back over the previous day and making a structured plan for the day ahead.

I aim to dedicate the first half of the day to making as many candidates calls as possible to give me ample CVs to send off to whichever role I am working on that day. When it hits 12:30pm, I dedicate 30 minutes to admin tasks, i.e. writing up coversheets, writing up job adverts and SLAs.

For my lunch hour, I often catch up with the team, eat and take my mind off work, ready for a big afternoon. Following lunch and the afternoon meeting, I get straight back to my day plan and crack on with more calls, followed by another admin break for the final 30 minutes of the day.

Once logged off for the day, my time is usually spent meeting up with friends, producing new music and going to the gym.

What’s the best thing about working with the Corecom team?

I have worked at Corecom since December 2021 – I feel as if Corecom has really opened the door for my recruitment career. Being in a friendly, driven and successful environment at Corecom has definitely pushed me to become a good recruitment consultant whilst enjoying it along the way.

How do you spend those well deserved days off?

Outside of work, I follow my greatest passion – music. I am a professional music producer and DJ, spending most of my time in my home studio or DJing in Leeds’ bars and clubs. When I’m not making music, you’ll find me out with friends or watching the mighty Leeds United.

What job would you be terrible at? 

I would be a terrible chef. Whilst I love cooking and I am relatively proficient at it, by the time the meal got to service, there wouldn’t be anything left on the plate as I most likely would have scoffed it all.

What’s a piece of advice that has stuck with you?

If you’re ever stressed, anxious or worried, write a list of everything causing you to feel that way. Cross out each aspect that is out of your control, and then start ticking off the ones you can do something about. This one came from an old manager of mine, but it has helped me in and outside of my professional life.

What people say about us
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What I wanted from this partnership was to be able to take a step back and free me up to focus on my other responsibilities in addition to recruitment. Working with Corecom alone made everything so straight forward. I wasn’t having to chase up several agencies and there was no duplication of candidates. Tunstall was their no1 focus and I trusted them to deliver, which they did. There was noticeable improvements in CV-to-interview and interview-to-placement ratios which was a real pain point before changing the model on how we worked together. Working on a retained basis gave me confidence that extra effort and resource would be put in to filling the roles.

Sarah Ibbetson, Internal Resourcing Manager, Tunstall Healthcare UK