National techies day! 03/10/2016

National Techies Day

The day is finally here to celebrate our most beloved techies… It’s National Techies Day!

What is National Techies Day?

National Techies Day is a day that we dedicate to celebrating techies around the globe for making our world a better place. Techies not only fix printing problems, speed up networks and ultimately revive our PCs from the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’, they also make day-to-day life so much easier for us, and for that we are extremely grateful.

On the 3rd October students are encouraged to choose a career in technology. Launched in 1999, the National Techies Day was initiated by and CNET Networks to encourage kids to embrace computer science and choose a tech way of life. In America, it was expected that 60% of new jobs would require advanced technology skills that the population didn’t have, hence the appeal for more techies.

So what is a techie?

Techies are those wonderful people who know their way around the technologies that we use in everyday life like the backs of their hand. Most people know technology for its functionality, but not techies, they know technology inside out, back to front, you name it. Techies are passionate deeply engrossed in all things tech, they are the first to design new tech and the first to own it. Techies are the ones who keep the world as we know it moving forward.

How to celebrate Techies Day?

Celebrating Techies Day involves praising those who keep the world moving forward for us. We should not only celebrate successful techies like Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, we should be praising each and every techie that makes our life so much easier.  So send an email, card or letter of thanks to all the techies you know and let them know that you appreciate them! And for all you techies reading this article, we thank you for pulling us through all the hard times, I think today is the perfect occasion for you all to treat yourselves to the latest bit of tech you’ve been eyeing up over the last few months, you deserve it.

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