Meagan Stobart 27/03/2017

Is an Apprenticeship for me? Meagan Shares Her Journey

Meagan Stobart was warmly welcomed to the Corecom Consulting team in September 2016. Meagan joined the Apprenticeship Scheme in an Operations Support role. Below Meagan details her experiences, from how she made the decision to proceed with her Apprenticeship, through to the path she has taken since she started her journey.

Learning isn’t enough

“With so much uncertainty over my career and future academic path, and the fear that I may get it wrong, I decided that the traditional A-Level and University route wasn’t for me. I was placed in the unusual position to figure out what I could do, and how I could break into a career without having a degree to my name. I have always been a hands on, practical learner, which is one of the many reasons I figured that A-Levels weren’t for me, due to their lack of ‘real-life’ situations that I could apply my learning to.

“At the time of doing my AS Levels, I felt that I’d much rather be in work, doing something practical and productive towards my career. My job at the time was working part-time as a sales assistant for a local food retailer. I discovered that I had a natural talent for communicating with people at all levels. I reveled in the day-to-day problems and tasks I had to solve, and found myself proud of everything I had achieved, on my own. I loved the challenges I was faced with and I was doing a real job, working in the real world. I developed life skills whilst at the same time providing the people around me with a service they relied upon. This filled me with a sense of pride and this was priceless. It was at this time when someone approached me and recommended an Apprenticeship course.

“I remember thinking at the time, what is an Apprenticeship? All I knew was of friends that had studied; plumbing, electrical and plastering Apprenticeships, and these certainly weren’t for me. During my search, I came across so many options, one of which was a Digital Marketing apprenticeship. Marketing had always interested me especially how businesses get their messages across to their respective audiences, be it locally or nationally.

 A new focus

“I began applying for Digital Marketing roles and within a week I had two interviews lined up, I finally felt as though I was heading towards something I was passionate about. A few days after my interviews I was offered a job as a Marketing Assistant (Apprentice) at Fusion Care Solutions. My Apprenticeship involved working with an external Marketing Manager to post to social media, research email marketing campaigns, and learning how to update blogs on the website. It was challenging and at times I was like a fish out of water but the first few months of my apprenticeship catapulted me into a different world – one that I wasn’t prepared for whilst at school or college, but the skills I acquired in my part time sales assistant role helped me to build strong relationships with colleagues, clients and suppliers.

“Having completed a year of my apprenticeship it was time to move on to my next venture. I spoke to my assessor who mentioned Business Admin to me but I was somewhat reluctant to this idea at first. After researching what Business Admin entailed, I was surprised that marketing, finance, law, HR and sales were all incorporated in the role. I began to understand how all parts of a business works and how each department needs to work together effectively to deliver results. Business Admin is key to the success of any business.

 Corecom Consulting

“I started applying for Business Admin Apprenticeships and eventually found the ideal job – Operations Support Apprentice at Corecom Consulting. It sounded absolutely perfect and was just what I was looking for. I sent in my application and the rest is history.

“Six months down the line, I am a key member of the Operations and Finance Team at Corecom Consulting, undertaking my second apprenticeship in Business Admin, which means I have fast approaching deadlines and projects to complete, as well as continuously learning on the job. I have grown tremendously both personally and professionally and have learnt so much in just 18 months. I am tackling new responsibilities and opportunities each day with a can-do attitude and getting great feedback from the team. Within my role at Corecom I get to do so many different things; from creating invoices to planning company holidays no two days are the same. Corecom Consulting is a vibrant, social, fast paced and reward driven environment which offers more than just a career it’s a family too. I can’t wait to see where the next 12 months with Corecom Consulting takes me.

“My advice to anyone who feels unmotivated or uninspired by University / college / school is to take the chance and search for something that challenges and inspires you every day. That’s exactly what I did and I have never looked back.”


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