Jonathan Sanderson's 10 Rules for Success 23/06/2016

Jonathan Sanderson – Ten Rules for Success

Last but not least in Corecom Consulting’s ‘Leadership and Success Series’ is Jonathan Sanderson, Managing Director of Corecom Consulting, an award-winning IT recruitment specialist. Here are Jonathan’s top ten rules for success:

Tell a good story

“All my favourite leaders are exceptional at telling stories and inspiring people with the tales of their success or the lessons they teach. You should have built up a pool of analogies for every occasion.”

Lead by example

“Leaders need respect and you won’t gain respect if you’re not prepared to demonstrate you are willing to do what needs to be done.”

Share your vision & values

“People achieve much more when they are working towards a cause rather than just an objective.”

Know what your team wants

“You can’t motivate your team without knowing what they want. Understanding how to meet their personal needs will reward you greatly.”

Have fun

“People want to follow those who are having a good time. If you enjoy what you do it makes it a lot easier to inspire others. True leaders are passionate about what they do.”

Ask for feedback

“The only way you can improve is to ask for feedback. People who are following won’t naturally give you feedback and if you’re not receiving feedback regularly you are doing something wrong.”

Take accountability

“Leaders need to show that they are human and that it is OK to make mistakes. Demonstrate that you are prepared to live to your values and use feedback to improve.”

Take an interest in your team’s success

“You need to help coach your team to be the best that they can be. Helping others grow is the best way to help yourself grow and if you want people to succeed you need to have a real passion for it.”

Delegate effectively

“The art of leadership is being a good delegator. The team needs responsibility to help you achieve yours and your company’s goals. I have failed in the past by trying to show that I can do it all. You are helping people develop individually and professionally if you let them learn by completing new tasks.”

Take time to think

“At least once a week, I sit down for 20 -30 minutes with a piece of paper, a question at the top and my first bullet point. I make sure that there is always a new empty bullet point to prompt a new idea. I often find that my best ideas come towards the end of my thinking.”

Jonathan Sanderson has recently been featured in Leeds Beckett University’s ‘Leading 360 Series’ for the Centre of Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility which can be viewed here. Corecom has also written blogs for Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Elon Musk’s ten rules for success which you can read through the links provided.

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