Job Action Day 04/11/2016

Job Action Day

Today marks the first Monday in November, which tells us that it’s Job Action Day! But what is Job Action Day about?

Job Action Day involves exploring different job opportunities that are available to you, including those jobs that you didn’t even know existed… The value of a day’s work lies in our satisfaction of a job well done, therefore there’s more to the job search than you’d first think. Whether you’re currently employed and seeking a career change, unemployed and wanting to get back on the ladder, wondering what’s out there for you, or simply attempting to bring passion into your current job, Job Action Day is for you.

What Job Action Day does is stands to remind us that there is always hope when looking for a satisfying job that will enrich our lives.

Why not have a look at the jobs on our website? Who knows, you might find your perfect job match… Regardless of whether you’re interested in an IT job or not we have a whole host of employability hints and tips including CV advice, job interview tips, making your next career move and salary calculator, amongst other valuable employability assets.

Too often people neglect opportunities due to narrowed, goal-orientated focus, and miss out on positions that would serve their interests and passions whilst also be paying the bills. Revive your job search and start broadening your mind as to what job would be acceptable for you. If you’re currently employed, focus on the things about your job that you enjoy and bring passion to it.

Today is the perfect day to have a look at what’s out there for you, or to research how you can become happier and more enriched in your job. Have a great day, and make the most of what Job Action Day is about!

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