Employee wellbeing 02/02/2016

January: Wellbeing Success

Staff at Corecom Consulting have had a busy January, embarking on a wellness initiative designed to improve the physical and psychological wellbeing of employees, promoting an active healthy lifestyle whilst increasing productivity and engagement in the workplace.

The initiative was implemented by Gemma Robinson, Operations Manager at Corecom, in a bid to increase the engagement levels of staff throughout the month.  Commenting on the success of Corecom’s wellbeing initiative, Gemma said:

“I am extremely pleased with how involved the Corecom team have been with this initiative.  It has been very well received and seeing everyone take part in all the activities is a real testament to Corecom’s core values.  Providing health services to our staff, including: healthy eating, promoting exercise, mental health awareness, stress release workshops and mindfulness sessions, has had a positive impact on everyone in the office and it shows in their job performance and overall work ethic.

“Working together towards a shared goal has strengthened already existing relationships and encouraged effective team work.  Being able to complete the activities together as a team has motivated us all to hit our wellbeing targets.  I am delighted with the way I feel as a result of January’s initiative and I look forward to continuing my wellness activities throughout 2016.”

Corecom’s staff completed a number of wellbeing activities including:

  • A body composition assessment from personal trainers at Speedflex, alongside an induction and a 2 week trial at their gym in Leeds
  • Weekly fruit baskets delivered to the office and smoothies made in-house on a regular basis
  • Homemade protein bars offered to all employees and healthy recipes distributed weekly
  • A physiotherapy session for employees with any pain/discomforts
  • Temporary gym membership at Virgin Active for each employee
  • Team games and a health related quiz with healthy treats for the winners
  • Weekly training on health and wellbeing
  • A meditation session aimed to reduce stress levels
  • A mindfulness session to aid goal setting and motivate staff to achieve their goals
  • Desk yoga
  • ‘Lunch Buddy’ and ‘Chef Buddy’ initiatives to strengthen relationships between employees during the lunch break
  • ‘Power half hour’ whereby employees stand for 30 minutes twice a day to tackle inactivity in the workplace

Wellbeing goals were set at the start of January and the individuals who achieved their targets were treated to a massage at the end of the month.  Due to the general consensus of all employees, Corecom has decided to keep providing weekly fruit baskets, meaning that staff are able to enjoy fresh fruit whenever they want throughout the day.  Corecom’s wellbeing initiative has been a real success in improving employee engagement and overall wellness during January and is certainly something that will be addressed during the entirety of 2016.

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