award-winning entrepreneur and 3D Online Founder 12/11/2021

An interview with award-winning entrepreneur and 3D Online Founder, Ben Taylor

Entrepreneurs hold a robust work ethic and a deep passion for what they do. They tend to be creative, eager to learn and motivated self-starters who go with the flow, taking new opportunities as they come and who are receptive to changes and criticism.

Corecom had the pleasure of meeting a young entrepreneur at the Prolific North Champions Awards this year; Ben Taylor won ‘Young Outstanding Contributor to the North’. Here is his story and an interview with the entrepreneur himself on how he’s got to where he has today.

Ben’s story

Ben started out working on a warehouse floor packing boxes. He then worked out he could develop and run their website and subsequently got a role working with a Switzerland-based travel agency, where he headed up the UK department for an innovative boat swapping community.

Following this Ben started his first company consulting with marine organisations worldwide on the topic of payment integrations in partnership with a Manchester based Fintech company he met at Manchester Digital City Festival.

Ben had endless frustrations, getting excited about virtual/online experiences that under-delivered. So, started a second company that creates genuinely exciting, social and engaging 3D online experiences: 3D Online. He has faced challenges and found solutions through entrepreneurship and providing support to others. In just 12 months he has:

  • Guided and inspired others through launching a monthly free-to-attend International Networking event
  • Brought large scale international business partnerships to firms in the North of the UK
  • Contributed his experience, knowledge and expertise through an international best-selling book and public speaking.


An interview with Ben

Tell us about your idea and what inspired you to develop it?

“My motivation to build 3D Online, a metaverse design company was more out of frustration than anything else. I found myself getting excited for virtual events that were marketed as extremely engaging platforms that would allow people to meet and engage with each other ‘like never before’.

I was repeatedly let down by the result… a heavily marketed website with a chat function. There was no leap forward that I was hoping for… so I found a way to achieve this. I applied some commercial know-how and here I am.”

What challenges did you have to overcome at the beginning of your journey?

“So, traditionally this type of technology isn’t very accessible, in fact it’s outrageously expensive, plus from a user perspective, you often require a super computer or VR headset. My first challenge was to remove these barriers. Which I did… eventually.

I did as many demos as I possibly could from companies all around the world claiming to be ‘leading tech’ or revolutionary disruptors and found many of them overlooked the key factor: accessibility.

Apart from this, my vision went much further than many of the experiences already out there. We’ve all been on the ‘virtual showroom’ tours where you jump from point to point. This simply doesn’t reach the level of engagement people need these days. I needed a platform which gave people a sense of freedom.

Oh, I also had to learn how to design these things… quite a challenge but what can’t you learn on YouTube. Especially with a whole community of developers all over forums on the internet.”

What is unique about your business?

“Well… out of any online experience, the ones we create are the ones that are remembered; that’s the important bit.

Sometimes months fly by between speaking with someone about our work and, sure enough, it’s the one thing that’s stuck in their heads ever since. It’s just so fresh. So different. Something that’s genuinely original. I suppose that’s why I love it so much too.”

What have you enjoyed most about starting your own company?

“The dynamic approach, it’s super fun! As a start-up it’s never static, it’s always time to adapt, to move on, to refine the strategy or maybe it’s stick to your guns and wait out. Finding out what’s next, how we’re going to overcome challenges and evolve – that’s what keeps me going, that’s what I love.”

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to become an entrepreneur?

“Choose a booming market and, if you don’t do that, then choose one that’s going to explode sometime soon.

The brutal reality of a start-up is that it must be viable as soon as possible. One of my favourite terms is ‘runway’, which refers to the length of time you’ve got to make something fly… otherwise it’s a disaster.

If you’re starting out, make the runway as long as possible, that way you can keep pursuing opportunities which over time puts the statistics in your favour.”

Entrepreneurship creates employment, heals the economy and sparks creative innovations, serving the greater good of customers and the market. If you want to become an entrepreneur, are new to it or you’re experienced, we hope that Ben’s story has inspired you.

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