Industrial Placement 01/10/2015

Do’s and Don’ts of Industrial Placement Applications

Job placements are becoming increasingly more competitive, with more and more students wanting to capitalise on their university course and develop some real-world experience in the industry of their choosing.

Corecom Consulting has devised an Essential Six Top Tips for you to secure a job in your ideal student placement.


‘Do’ Research the Company

Every application needs to be targeted at the company you are applying to.  You need to assess which of your values line up with the company’s values and express this in your application.  Research the company, and the industry it is in, this way you will show interest and increase your chances of progressing to the next stages.

When you get called in for an interview, come prepared with a list of questions.  Not only will this show the employer that you are interested in the company, it also shows them that you are passionate about the role you are applying to.

We currently employ industrial placement students, and our Marketing Assistant, Ben Leaman, is presently on his placement from the University of Leeds.  He has kindly offered a few words of wisdom on his experience in securing a placement:

The key to securing a placement, in my experience, is to prepare for each stage of the application process meticulously.  I made sure to tailor my CV to the company I was applying for, and to the specific role.  I then researched the company, looked at relevant news articles and went into the interview as prepared as I could be, this way I felt confident in answering any questions presented to me.  The old saying ‘failure to prepare is preparing to fail’ is extremely relevant in interview preparation!  My advice is to take the time to do your research, it will be worth it in the end.


‘Do’ Use your Careers Centre Services

Your Careers Centre is there to help you in your job search, make sure to use their contacts and services to find a job that suits you and the position you are wishing to apply to.

They will offer expert advice on the application process, including: updating your CV, offering mock interviews and familiarising you with the application process as a whole, in order to make you more comfortable when applying, and therefore more employable.


‘Do’ Explore Customised Placement Search Websites

If your university database doesn’t have the particular job you are searching for don’t be afraid to use websites such as RateMyPlacement and Milkround as these have an extensive list of industrial placement opportunities, ranging from Summer Internships, to 12 month work placements as part of your university course.  A list of these websites can be found at the bottom of this article.

If you exhaust the boundless list on such websites, don’t hesitate in calling up organisations and asking to speak to the HR manager or personnel in the HR department and enquire as to whether they offer industrial placement opportunities.


‘Don’t’ Give Up

One of the most important parts of searching for an industrial placement is to keep your hopes up in the face of rejection.  If you don’t get an offer straight away, don’t give up, keep applying, more opportunities will present themselves to you.  Just make sure that you learn from your previous mistakes and your chances of employment will increase tremendously.

It may be that you will have to apply to a job that is not the precise role you wanted from the offset, this is not a problem and will actually give you valuable experience in getting to know more about a different department.

Make sure that you apply early in order to get the placement you want, a lot of larger companies look to fill their positions early on, so get your applications out as soon as you see the placement is available.


‘Don’t’ Rule out Smaller Companies

Smaller companies tend to offer better experience, comprising of greater positions of responsibility and being an integral member of the team.  Always look out for growing businesses, this is where careful research will benefit you immensely, as these types of businesses offer great opportunities for progression and valuable experience.


‘Don’t’ Apply for the Bare Minimum

In the job search context, you can never apply for too many companies, you can however, apply for too few companies.  Be sure to apply to sufficient organisations so that if you are unsuccessful in a couple of applications, you still have fall backs to rely on.  You don’t want to be in the position of waiting to hear back from one company, and then finding out that you were unsuccessful in your application.  This would mean that you have wasted valuable time where you could have been applying to other roles.

Make sure that you have a safety net, so that you are prepared for all eventualities.


So there you have it, three Do’s and three Don’ts of applying for the industrial placement that you are wanting!  We hope this helps when you’re looking to apply for your placement.  Remember, be persistent, be creative and be thorough.

As promised, here is a list of websites targeting industrial placement candidates:


Best of luck in your applications!

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