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Are you a great Business Analyst?

A great Business Analyst (BA) will strive to continually enhance their skills and professional development. They are passionate about their role, committed to growth, development and refining their skills.

Below are five attributes that distinguish a great BA:

  1. Engaging stakeholders:

Skilled BAs will engage with and form strong stakeholder relationships through gathering information, good communication and gaining their trust. A great BA will stimulate creativity, innovation and collective discussions with stakeholders.

  1. Researching and experimenting with new techniques:

A great BA will be keen to learn and try out new techniques, attend conferences and workshops, join networks, establish a mentor and look to techniques from other industries and professions that they can utilise. They will seek honest feedback and adapt accordingly, having a back-up plan at the ready.

  1. Regular re-evaluation:

Excellent BAs reassess and adapt their plans as a project progresses, regularly and clearly setting expectations. Their approach is timely, clearly outlining estimation increases and decreases.

  1. Visual communication:

A brilliant BA will utilise visual aids such as white boards, post-it notes and flow charts in their meetings and the work that they produce – even virtually.

  1. Keeping outcomes in focus:

Politics particularly occurs during prioritisation stages. Skilled BAs will not ignore politics but avoid it – working around and within.  They will continually re-visit objectives and value with the project team, using data to make informed decisions.

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