make application stand out 05/10/2015

Five Ways to Make your Application Stand Out

If you want to distinguish your application from the hundreds of others after the same job, you have to be prepared to think outside the box.  Being restricted to a two page document may cause you to fall short in today’s personality driven environment.

Corecom Consulting has formulated five ways to make your application stand out amongst the rest.


Be Different

You spend hours crafting your job application, but realistically your CV gains only five seconds of exposure to the hiring manager before it’s thrown in the bin, or if you’re lucky, on to the shortlist pile.  This is why it is essential that your CV is unique and stands out amongst the rest.

Be bold, be different and be creative.  Don’t let your CV get lost in the endless pile of generic résumés.

If you are asked to do a presentation as part of the interview stage, stand out and use a different platform, Prezi is a great example of a quirky method of presenting, which is likely to stand out.


Create a Portfolio or a Personal Website

Include newspaper articles and press releases of times where you have gained exposure for your previous organisation.  Your portfolio should also contain examples of completed work, be these published articles, blogs, hitting sales targets, all this will help to confirm that you are the right person for the job.

Your personal website should include a bit about yourself, your past work experience and social media platforms that you want the employer to see.  A LinkedIn profile is ideal for this, showing previous experience and using feedback from others through endorsements as a reference for your work.


Design Inspired CV

Be creative, you should create infographics which relate to the job you are applying to.  Designing your CV to suit the industry your employers are in will go a long way in helping to differentiate your application from the rest.  For example, a CV that is created in a sketch note format is likely to stand out from the boundless pile of standard two page CVs.

Be careful not to go over the top with the design and be relevant to the industry or role that you’re applying to.


Talk to the Hiring Manager

To really stand out, it’s important to get personal with the person who will be reviewing your CV.  It’s easy to send an employer a CV by email, but it is likely that your application will be forgotten about, or be put to the bottom of their priority list.

By handing your CV directly to the hiring manager and having a conversation with them, this will automatically make you stand out; they will remember the conversation you had together, and will be able to put a face to the name on the CV.  Being proactive when applying for jobs goes a long way towards increasing the likelihood of progressing to the next stage of the application process.


Follow up Consistently

Follow up after every stage of the application process, without being annoying.  There is a fine line between following up and blatantly nagging the hiring manager.  A phone call after handing in your CV, a ‘thank you’ email to the interviewer after an interview, or a simple card to keep your name at the forefront of their decision making will make that all important difference.

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