Graduating 15/09/2015

Five Tips for Graduates Starting a Career

Finished university and ready to start your next journey in finding a job? Apprehensive about applying because you don’t have relevant experience for your ‘dream job’? This short article should help to calm those unnecessary nerves when stepping on to the career ladder.


Apply, apply, and apply

First and foremost, you need to apply for jobs. If you see a job that looks of interest to you, do not hesitate in throwing your tailor made CV at any job you see posted as advertisements, referred to by friends, or wherever you may find it.

If the position isn’t in line with your dream job, then your focus should be on how you can get there in the future. Use your first job as a stepping stone in the right direction for your career vision. Rather than sitting there worrying that you never wanted to be a ‘dynamic response coordinator’, view this as a means to make yourself more employable in the future. How can the skills gained in this role work to your advantage when applying for a career in the future?

Always remember, your career path will be a long, windy journey, and your first job will not dictate what you’re going to become in the future. It is merely a learning process for you to broaden your skills, enhance your network and increase your employability.


Use Exclusive Answers to Standardised Questions

You have to be careful when entering an interview equipped purely with university inspired examples. By all means use these examples as a template, but the main body of the answer has to be deeper, with more personal content exploring exactly how your personal experience could benefit the employer sitting in front of you.

No two answers are the same, be specific. Do your research on the employer, delve deeper into the core values of the company and the role, so that you can match your skills to the precise requirements of the job specification.

Remember, interviews are designed to see how you will fit into the company, and the role. They are by no means methods to catch you out.


Book an Appointment with your Career Services – ASAP!

Your Career Services are there to guide you through the job search process. They will review your CV, match your skills with relevant roles found on internal job boards, give details of alumni across a range of fields, provide information about applying to graduate jobs, give self-assessment tests, amongst a whole host of other useful helpful hints.

Any advice is a good start, but expert advice is a winning start. Make sure you feel confident in the application process, that way you’ll stand a better chance of impressing your future employers.


Be Resilient

When in search of a new job you will face immediate setbacks, the tip is not to get downhearted. Don’t take rejection as a personal attack, treat it as a building block for future applications. Use rejection as feedback in order to enhance your application.

Once you’re in a career, don’t demand respect from the outset, respect is earned over time from your respective employer through a relationship of mutual trust and hard work.


Don’t Settle for Mediocrity

Always look to live up to and above your potential. In order to thrive in your choice of industry you need to be smart; if your performance is lacking, or you notice your co-workers outperforming you for whatever reason, make it your personal goal to find out what they’re doing differently to you, and change your approach accordingly.

Mediocrity should never be settled upon, always aim for self-improvement, and with this will come rewards.


If you want more tips on how to sail through the application process as a graduate, why not email us at to enquire for an exclusive subscription to our FREE Corecom TV; an online video portal offering handy hints and top tips on your job search process.

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