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Showing employee appreciation

Showing your employees how much you appreciate their efforts is not about simply massaging their egos, it’s about ensuring that they feel valued. This, in turn, will improve motivation and productivity levels. They will be far less likely to look for appreciation elsewhere.

You may be offering a great salary but money alone will only keep an employee happy for so long. A team member who feels valued, however, is far more likely to stay with the organisation.

Achieving this is actually very simple and many of the tips that follow may seem to be common-sense but, sadly, they are often seen as so basic that they can be overlooked altogether. Don’t fall into that trap.  Make sure you are:

1. Saying thanks

It’s basic manners in everyday life but a simple word of thanks can be forgotten in the busy world of work. Yet, for two such little words, they can have a huge effect on staff morale – both when they’re said and when they’re neglected.

2. Saying please

A barked order is far less likely to get the best out of your employee than a polite request.

3. Organising regular socials

You don’t have to commit to a weekly party but even an annual event can give staff an incentive and make them feel as though they’re a cared-for, appreciated member of a team.

4. Buying drinks or breakfast

You don’t have to splash out on a full English every day or a keg at the end of each shift. Croissants in the morning or a few Friday afternoon drinks can be a really positive addition to the working week.

5. Setting clear targets

It can be soul-destroying to be giving your all in the workplace and yet be left feeling as though your career is going nowhere. Prevent this from happening to your staff by setting clear targets and formulating a comprehensive progression strategy. This shows employees that you value their efforts and are as committed as they are to progressing their careers.

6. Praising success

Create a culture whereby success is praised and appreciated by managers. Staff could be encouraged to send out an email to colleagues to announce recent successes or how about a weekly employee award?

7. Offering extra responsibility

If someone has been performing well, demonstrate your trust and confidence in them in a tangible manner by offering them the opportunity to manage a project or take on some other form of additional responsibility.

8. Be friendly

You don’t have to start inviting everyone who works for you to dinner but speaking to people in a friendly manner and showing an interest in what they say is vital if you’re hoping to be seen as a boss who values every member of staff.

9. Giving them a bonus boost

Money is not the answer to everything but a financial reward for working hard is invariably appreciated.

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