Development and Retention

Building and maintaining a positive company culture

If you want your business to be able to boast high retention rates and enviable levels of employee satisfaction you’ll need to create and maintain a strong company culture. This will not only benefit individuals but your business as a whole.

To emphasise the importance of this, it’s worth considering the financial and practical implications of a poor culture. This can lead to recruitment issues, high staff turnover, staff health problems, employee stress, and high levels of absenteeism.

So, you’re committed to creating a good culture within your workplace, but what does this really mean; how does it function in practice; and what do you need to change to make it happen? To give you some ideas, the following are some critical elements of a good company culture.

1. Being responsive to the needs of employees

A positive culture is based upon a willingness to respond to the needs of employees that goes beyond any financial incentives you can offer. The most talented employees will want to work for an organisation that takes their personal circumstances into consideration and can help them to achieve a healthy balance between their work and home lives by offering anything from study days to flexi-time.

2. A commitment to on-going development

Employees want to feel that a business shares their aspirations for the future and will help them to achieve their goals, whether that be through external training or in-house mentoring.

3. A good social calendar

Regular social events are an excellent way of boosting morale, facilitating bonding and creating the type of atmosphere in which people want to work.

4. A respectful approach to feedback and opinion

Every employee wants to feel that they can share their ideas and opinions without fear of being ridiculed. An open, honest and mutually-respectful environment prevents the loss of valuable input or the suppression of concerns or suggestions for improvements.

Feedback strategies, meanwhile, enable you to monitor and deal with issues that arise at the earliest opportunity, in addition to keeping track of the levels of satisfaction amongst employees.

5. Personalised perks

A well-thought-out regular reward or occasional treat can do wonders for morale and motivation. This might be the odd early finish, free breakfasts every day, or regular donations to a charity of the employees’ choice.

6. A focus on innovation

Innovation is a great way of building an outstanding company culture, whether it is through a ground-breaking business approach, a forward-thinking way of engaging the workforce, or a commitment to ensuring that all staff are fully up-to-date on the latest developments in their field.

7. Strong inclusive leadership

Just as a ship needs a captain to unify its crew, a successful business must have a good leader at its helm, supported by senior members of staff who share the same values. Inclusive, committed and clear leadership driven by individuals who understand and are fully signed-up to the right company culture will ensure that success is driven from the top down.

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