Attraction and Recruitment

Staying ahead of the game

The market is being driven by candidates right now and so it’s vital that recruiters understand how best to attract the top talent or they’ll risk losing out to the competition.

If you’re hiring and want to stay ahead of the game, you should take advantage of specialist knowledge to resource candidates but you also need to take heed of the following advice:

Recruit an individual not a carbon copy of every other team member

Don’t set your sights purely on individuals with industry knowledge. Yes, a person from outside of your specialist sector may need more training at first but consider the advantages that they can bring. A fresh pair of eyes, a new approach, and a varied viewpoint can help to reinvigorate your team, broaden your horizons and spot potential market gaps.

Market your business to attract top talent

The best candidates may be a welcome addition to any company so why should they choose you? Differentiate your company as much as possible. Use your unique branding at the point of advertising to attract both active and passive candidates who are just waiting for an opportunity to work for an organisation such as yours.

Be decisive regardless of candidate numbers

Don’t risk losing the perfect employee by not taking decisive action. In an ideal world, you may want to meet with a wide spectrum of candidates to compare and contrast the talent on offer but, in a candidate-driven marketplace, this simply may not happen.

Just because you have only seen a few candidates (possibly only one) doesn’t mean that the right person for the job has not already arrived. If a candidate seems to be a good fit, don’t delay simply because you want more options with which to compare them. In a market suffering from a shortage of talent, this could be a disastrous business move.

Aim for a smooth and timely recruitment process

Don’t allow interruptions such as bank holidays, meetings or annual leave to stand in the way of netting the very best candidates on offer. Once you have a role signed off, ensure that you can offer a speedy recruitment process to ensure that candidates are not tempted elsewhere before you have the chance to offer them a job. Why waste time on initial interviews only to find that you cannot schedule a final meeting until weeks ahead, giving the candidate plenty of time to be lured somewhere else?

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