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Expert recruiter interview tips

The recruitment specialists at Corecom Consulting are strongly placed to offer you the most effective tips for interviewing candidates if you want to fulfil the dual aims of filling a post with the best candidate and representing your company. Here are some top tips that come straight from the experts themselves.

Tip 1: Treat an interview as a two-way street

You want to find out if a candidate is right for your company but the person you’re interviewing wants to find out exactly the same from their perspective. You need to demonstrate why the candidate should want to work for you as much as they should convince you as to the reasons why you should choose them.

Be ready to highlight everything that your company can offer them, ranging from what their role will add to the company’s plans or vision, to what you can offer in terms of development and career progression.

Tip 2: Request details

Don’t be content with answers that reflect little more than that which the candidate knows what you want to hear. Instead, ask questions that will elicit detailed examples in their answers.

Tip 3: Maintain eye contact

Good eye contact will not only demonstrate that you’re interested in what the candidate is saying during the interview; it may also be taken as a sign that you’re a good, attentive, interested manager with whom the candidate would actually like to work.

Tip 4: Honesty is best

To minimise the risk of having to start the recruitment process all over again in less than a year, don’t be tempted to mislead a candidate in any way. This is also important to maintain the credibility of your company as a whole. The most talented individuals are unlikely to be interested in opportunities at a firm with a reputation for mis-selling roles.

Of course, it’s never possible to be entirely certain as to what the future will bring, but you can be honest based upon the current climate and conditions. Be truthful about what the candidate will be expected to deliver and all that the role entails and be open about the type of team that they will join. Talk, if you can, about future commercial plans and how you believe a candidate can grow within their role.

Tip 5: Follow up on answers

Don’t be satisfied with just an initial question and answer. Use the candidate’s response to formulate a secondary question that allows you to draw out more detail or clarify certain points.

A primary question will give you some detail but expansion will allow you to further assess vital skills such as communication and predict how they will fit into your business. The best interviewers, therefore, are those who don’t bombard candidates with countless different questions but those who choose fewer subjects and explore them in depth.

Tip 6: Influence candidate perception

The way in which you conduct an interview will be seen by the candidate as an indication as to the way in which you normally behave and work. If you tell them to expect a decision by a certain date and then don’t deliver, for example, they’re likely to question how you will deliver against other commitments.

Be clear about when you plan to make your decision and explain what will happen next to allow the candidate to plan ahead. If your plans do have to change, make sure that you keep them in the loop. Unexplained delays can lead to candidates accepting offers elsewhere or losing faith and interest in your organisation.

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