Attraction and Recruitment

Be the perfect employer in six easy steps

Today’s candidate-driven market means that you can’t afford to sit back and just wait for the best talent to arrive on your doorstep. It’s vital that you proactively hunt out suitable candidates and do everything possible to promote yourself as an excellent employer. Here are six methods to achieve this aim.

1. Go social

Social networking cannot be ignored in modern recruitment. It’s the ideal way in which to look for candidates, reach out to talent and to sell your brand. It’s also perfect for showing off the ethos and personality of your company and promoting it as a great place to work.

2. An excellent ad

An engaging, correctly-targeted and well-written advertisement that is properly aligned with your brand can be vital in successful recruiting. Aim to sell your whole company as well as the job on offer.

3. Brand boost

You want candidates to feel as though they don’t want to work anywhere else but at your company so make sure you clearly demonstrate what you have to offer. Use your own knowledge and affection for your brand to convey the assets and benefits to other people.

Make candidates feel that they can trust you to look after their future as well as their present by showing off your awards, successes, performance results and company growth plans.

4. Differentiate yourself

Make your company and the opportunities on offer appear unique. Do you have a particularly great office environment or can you offer opportunities to work abroad? Is your ability to offer a fast career boost second-to-none or do you have an interesting level management structure? Identify your USPs and then sell them well.

5. Added incentives

Little perks can have significant effects when it comes to recruiting talent. Let candidates know about any benefits that can add to the appeal of your company and set you apart from the competition. Let potential employees know about the regular Friday beer trolley, the free fruit on offer, away days or free breakfasts. It might just make a difference.

6. Be responsible

Many candidates want to work for a socially responsible organisation. Try to demonstrate your green credentials and charitable ethos as much as possible and consider offering schemes based upon payroll giving or cycling to work.

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