Our Women in Technology (WIT) Team can help you to increase the number of women candidates in your recruitment pipeline, become a more female friendly employer and improve your standing within the wider WIT community Increase the number of women in your tech teams.

Inspiring women to take that step into a career they want and being able to support that is so important to me, providing awareness that you can have whatever career you want. At Corecom we support that internally and externally with the right support around us.

Emily Firbank

Being able to positively impact young girls in the early stages of their career, whilst connecting with some of the most influential women in the tech space is a very fulfilling part of being in the WIT Engagement team.

Kelly Newton

I want to see women in technology as a norm as I had the fortunate experience of always being surrounded by successful women in technology in the early parts of my career, and anything I can do to support that and break the WIT stigma, I will do.

Katie Menzies

Being part of the WIT Team at Corecom allows me to have a positive influence on the careers of Women in Tech, positively affect and attract women and girls to tech and STEM subjects but also learn from the careers of successful Women in Tech and further progress my own.

Aishia Ullah