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We’re losing an hour… but look on the ‘bright’ side

The clocks will be going forward by an hour at 2.00am this Sunday 25 March 2018, meaning that we in effect lose an hour of sleep.

If you’re a parent, young children in particular will need some help in adjusting their schedule. To assist with the transition, you can take steps to gradually get used to the time change, such as:

  • Going to bed and getting up a bit earlier, starting a few days before the adjustment.
  • Make a walk in the daylight part of your morning routine. Daylight first thing in a morning can help reset your body’s clock.
  • Try to avoid caffeine and other stimulants which affect wakefulness after lunchtime.

But the ‘spring forward’ isn’t all doom and gloom – moving an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening means that we’re likely be transposed to more daylight.

Research shows that an increase in daylight:

  • increases the amount that people sleep on a night
  • increases productivity
  • improves creativity and learning
  • reduces absence due to sickness
  • improves moods and reduces stress.

Daylight supports the regulation of Vitamin D, serotonin, melatonin and promotes healthy eye development. It promotes human health and potential. Daylight research has proven that exposure to natural light makes a marked difference in the workplace. Take a look:


So if you’re suffering as a result of losing an hour in bed, bear in mind that you’ll soon be more productive, creative and knowledgeable – and less tired, ill, moody and stressed! Look on the ‘bright’ side peeps.

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