CV to interview ratio 20/04/2017

How to improve the quality of CVs you receive

Posting job adverts can be a pain staking process which can often yield poor results. Maybe you’re attracting the wrong candidates, or none at all. To start with, you have to cast your net wide and then funnel the appropriate candidates, but this can be time consuming. Ordinarily the job application process and recruitment funnelling runs as follows:

  1. Applicants are made aware of the vacancy
  2. Candidates apply for the role
  3. Candidates are screened
  4. An offer is made
  5. An offer is accepted and terms of employment signed and agreed.

Although painting the perfect picture of your vacancy will help to attract candidates to apply to your position, it will not necessarily entice the right candidates for the job, reducing your CV to interview ratio. To maximise the efficiency of your hiring process and to hire the best talent available, your recruitment funnel needs to be running smoothly. To improve your CV to interview ratio it is important to follow a few simple steps:

Job description

The job description should honestly reflect the job. This will ensure the right people are applying for the role. Marketing the job with clear expectations will help to save you a lot of time in the screening process as fewer unsuitable candidates will apply.


Be realistic with your requirements and don’t expect too much. Recruit an individual, not a carbon copy of every other team member. If you can find the right person who fits your organisation, the advantages this can bring far outweighs the training required for the job. Jonathan Sanderson, Managing Director at Corecom Consulting, said:

“A fresh pair of eyes, a new approach, and a varied viewpoint can help to reinvigorate your team, broaden your horizons and spot potential market gaps.”

This isn’t to say lower your standards, but be mindful that it is rare that somebody possesses every skill and competency a job requires, whilst being a perfect match for your company. Ask yourself whether the candidate will be able to learn any skills required for the job through training, or whether a certain competency can be developed over time.


You might choose to use a recruitment agency to find a suitable candidate for your vacancy. Specialist consultants often have a rich pool of talent at their fingertips, meaning that they could find the perfect applicant for your organisation almost instantaneously. Using an agency may help to save you time both finding and screening the right candidates for your specific role.

These are just a few methods you can use to improve your CV to interview ratio. Remember, attracting the right candidates to apply to your vacancies will lead to higher interview rates and reduced time screening candidates, meaning that you can focus on other things. For more hints and tips on how to attract and retain top talent, click here.

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