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Nine ways to be more positive at work

The importance of a positive workforce stretches far beyond increased productivity, it promotes a stress-free office environment and enables employees to feel empowered and in control of their work.

Here at Corecom we have designed nine tips on how to be more positive at work, and if you follow these, you should see an increase in positivity at work.

1. Planning

Create a day plan whereby you set out achievable objectives. Rather than sticking to a ‘to do’ list, carefully plan your day into manageable timeslots, this way you will be able to prioritise workloads and analyse just how much time is needed on a task. This will stop you from falling behind on important projects, and allow you to work to strict deadlines.

2. Breaks

Plan for breaks in your day to promote re-focus on tasks. It is a well-known fact that working on the same task for hours on end is detrimental to your focus. Try taking organised breaks which let you re-fresh the mind and increase focus on important tasks. A proven time management tool for you to look at is the Pomodoro Technique, which involves working for 25 minutes with no distractions, followed by a five minute break to regain focus, why not give it a go?

3. Collaboration

Never be afraid to ask for help to achieve shared goals. Teamwork is a great way to share thoughts and bounce new ideas off people, you may have a good solution to a problem but by collaborating with colleagues this good solution could become great.

4. Criticisms

Treat criticisms as feedback for future improvement. Don’t take criticisms to heart, understand what you have done wrong and ensure you don’t do it again. Appreciate that everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone learns from them – don’t be that person. If you’re overloaded and need to ask your manager for help, click here for some useful advice.

5. Health and Wellbeing

Exercise is proven to reduce stress and make you feel good about yourself, boosting productivity. Fitting exercise into your work schedule can be tough, but the health and wellbeing benefits that you’ll receive from just 30 minutes moderate aerobic exercise five times a week as well as two days of strength exercises working all major muscle parts, far outweighs the effort needed to exercise.

6. Commute

Listen to audiobooks or podcasts on your commute into work to increase productivity. There are a whole host of free podcasts out there which will help to improve your productivity, be it ways to improve your focus in work or how to be more efficient. Whatever your goal, there’s a podcast out there to help you. A couple of podcasts include: Extreme Productivity with Kevin Kruse and The 5 AM Miracle.

*Corecom’s Podcast Top Tip* – increase the speed of the podcast to x1.5 or x2.0 for maximum efficiency.

7. Positivity

Infuse positive emotions into your work and colleagues, and enjoy the contagious nature. Be nice, compliment people, smile, whatever it is it will help to improve your mood and the mood those around you.

8. Holidays

Try different activities when you take a holiday, this variation will make you more positive at work by increasing your sense of adventure and giving you an ‘out’ from work every now and then.

9. Educate yourself

Self-education is a great way to live a more positive life, especially in the workplace. Have you ever wanted to pick up a new skill? Learn how to play a musical instrument? A new craft? Whatever it is, self-development and improvement can really help to enrich your lives, helping to make you more positive in work. Also, finding a mentor can be invaluable support throughout your career, for advice on finding the right mentor and the benefits they can bring click here.

If you can implement just some of these techniques into your life, we can assure you that your positivity in work will improve substantially.


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