Contractors Invaluable 10/04/2017

Why a contractor could be invaluable to your business

Contractors can be a strategic resource and an integral part of how businesses in certain industries develop and manage long and short-term projects, and growth. For some companies contractors are used to offer solutions to unplanned staffing shortages, and for others they are used as drivers for significant change. Technology is one industry that benefits a great deal from contractors with 40% of the UK’s technology workers being contractors, according to But just how do contractors add value to companies?

Contractors are cost-effective

Although it is perceived that contractors are paid more than permanent members of staff, this is often only the case for their daily rates. Yes, contractors are usually paid more per hour than permanent employees, but they are not entitled to company benefits such as pensions or share schemes; nor are they entitled to maternity/paternity leave, company-related bonuses or redundancy payments. Therefore, although their daily rates are often higher, the long-term savings could far outweigh the short-term costs.

Contractors enable businesses to benefit more from spikes in demand, be this increased number of projects, seasonal demand or unexpected upturns. Hiring contractors allows businesses to scale up their operations without the costs and time pressures of hiring permanent staff.

Dealing with demand and skills shortages

Businesses that experience planned and unexpected shortfalls in staff due to maternity/paternity leave, illnesses, new projects or upturns, could well benefit from contractors who are able to fill in when there is a shortage of skills or resources in-house.

Hiring additional permanent employees to fill temporary work is rarely a viable option for businesses due to the short-term cost and time spent in training and getting them up to speed with the work required. The time these activities take can cause costly delays to businesses both in terms of finance and meeting clients’ expectations. Rick Hughes, Director and Head of Testing/QA at IT Recruitment company, Corecom Consulting, said:

“Contractors provide companies with access to skills they do not normally have and are not required in the long-term. Staffing levels can therefore be adapted precisely. They tend to have a wealth of experience and knowledge across multiple companies, projects, industries and sectors, enabling them to come up with beneficial solutions for short-term problems.”

Training and mentorship

Working with experienced contractors can have long-term benefits in terms of the knowledge and expertise shared with current employees. Contractors act as mentors, encouraging learning and development which contributes towards increasing skills within the business. They bring fresh ideas, greater expertise and expansive experience to organisations, allowing their current employees to learn and think differently.  Click here to read more about the benefits of mentorship.

Results driven

Contractor reputation is based on past projects and assignments, and so their motivation to succeed is driven by results on that particular project. This means that they are focused on the task in hand and are detached from the politics associated with working in an organisation.

Are you in a position where you quickly need an extra pair of hands at short notice, require temporary cover in your team or some specialist expertise to drive your business forward? Take advantage of the flexibility of a contractor. Corecom Consulting is connected with a variety of experienced IT contractors across a variety of specialisms who are ready to join you and your team.

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