Coaching Programme My Goals Co 01/09/2021

Coaching programme gets underway at Corecom

Corecom has embarked on a programme of employee workshops with transformational coaching specialist, My Goals Co. The initiative further solidifies our commitment to the wellbeing and development of our employees in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The programme runs alongside a host of our other people-centred policies, including embedded WIT and diversity and inclusion practices, the employment of company ambassadors, opportunities to partake in volunteer work and a host of wellbeing activities and events to mark key occasions throughout the year. Our company ethos is very much centred on ‘passing on’ critical skills to support and empower all stakeholders within our sphere of influence, from our clients and candidates through to the local community we operate within.

The launch of the coaching programme comes 18 months after Covid-19 began to take hold in the UK. During this time, entire organisations have updated their business models and ways of working and employees have had to adapt swiftly to the ever-changing situation. Remote working, fear of job losses, the flexing of roles and responsibilities alongside continued worries for loved ones, personal loss and anxieties for the future, have all had an impact on wellbeing.

Talking about the workshops, our Managing Director, Jonathan Sanderson, said:

“We consider ourselves to be an extremely happy, connected and supportive business and yet it would be neglectful to ignore the realities of the last 18 months. We were eager to explore further ways to support our team’s wellbeing and development and coaching was the obvious path to take.  It is a win-win. We know that deeper understanding of ourselves results in a healthier, focused and inquisitive mind and, in turn, a happy and sustainable business. And what’s more, in developing a coaching culture we can add real value to our relationships with our clients, candidates and other stakeholders.  It has been a pleasure to work with My Goals Co and to witness the positive impact these in-depth sessions have had on the team.”

Delivered by My Goals Co Co-Founder, Elliot Macnay, the sessions are designed to set personal goals, with a myriad of tools applied to identify values, life purpose, goal categories and attributes, as well as breakthrough goals. Coaching sessions, traditionally associated with the higher echelons of the corporate world, are proven to bring about greater focus, boosted morale and, in turn, enhanced performance.

Elliot Macnay founded My Goals Co in 2018 and is a certified Transformational Coach and member of the ICF. He founded the company with a focus on coaching to boost mental wellbeing and works with organisations to set personal goals. Elliot said:

“It has been a pleasure to work with Corecom. Not many businesses back up their talk about mental health and personal development for their people. From the start, Jonathan and the Corecom leadership team were open to collaboration to understand and learn how we could deliver a programme that would create a confidential space for employees to talk about their goals, mental health, and life in general. It’s rare these days for individuals to get uninterrupted time to talk to somebody free from judgement or agenda. It’s so important that certain people receive this time. 

The programme enables people to make sense of their thoughts and create action plans to move towards what they want to achieve or how they want to feel. The progress the individuals have shown in our sessions have been a pleasure to watch as a coach.”

Corecom Senior Consultant and coaching delegate, James Hill, said of the workshops:

“It’s been an enlightening experience. The ethos of today’s business world is very much around keeping busy and filling your time with what is deemed to be ‘active work’. Yet taking time out to focus inwards allows for much of the real work to take place – to recognise our beliefs, motivations and goals, and to help us to see a way forward both on a personal and business plane. This came through loud and clear from the workshops. Giving yourself time to stop and think isn’t selfish – it enables you to find the answers from within and has tremendous personal and business benefits.”

He added:

 “I feel incredibly lucky to work for a company that puts employee wellbeing at the forefront of its culture and values. In the wider business world there can be a reluctance to afford employees the opportunity to enlist the support of a coach. Yet at Corecom, this kind of resource is actively encouraged. It speaks volumes of our company’s commitment to both its employees and the business’ wellbeing.

 I’m looking forward to see how our personal learnings and the use of thinking tools play out in driving success throughout the business.”

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