Everyone 11/03/2016

People who eat together collaborate well together

Corecom Consulting has undergone an initiative whereby staff members were paired up and took turns to cook for their ‘buddy’.  Chef Buddy was orchestrated by Operations Manager, Gemma Robinson and was introduced to reap the benefits of performing this primal task with colleagues.  Signs of Chef Buddy having a positive impact on the atmosphere in the office were seen right away, these include:

Improved Productivity

Chef Buddy has led to an improved productivity level amongst employees in the office.  By encouraging the team to move away from their desks over their lunch break it has highlighted the importance of taking time away from work and proved the value of getting away from the desk every so often.

Better Communication

When there is a company initiative in place it creates a certain buzz around the office, encouraging a mix of energy, excitement and mystery.  These emotions are powerful tools which promote open communication between workers.  Chef Buddy inspired communication between everyone in the office and enabled workers to learn more about their colleagues, including truths about their cooking habits!

Improved Well-being

Having completed a well-being month in January, Gemma was keen to create the same sort of atmosphere in the office, generating the murmur, the energy and the excitement of what home-made masterpiece each person was going to cook for one another.  Chef Buddy enabled staff to share recipes, try new foods and enjoy the pleasure of not having to worry about what they were going to eat that lunchtime.

Team Building

Any activity that colleagues arrange outside of working hours can be construed as team building.  Chef Buddy enabled colleagues to move conversations away from their working life and on to more personal topics including: hobbies, likes, and dislikes etc. allowing colleagues to gain a deeper connection with each other making it a great team building exercise.


Since eating is a primal activity, doing it with colleagues strengthens existing relationships and creates a comfortable atmosphere for colleagues to bond in.  Eating food together is a fantastic opportunity to talk about things outside of work and to put aside any work worries and distress before returning to their desks feeling fresh, focused and energised.

Speaking about the success of Chef Buddy, Gemma Robinson of Corecom Consulting said:

“Chef Buddy is a fantastic opportunity for employees to show off their cooking prowess to their colleagues.  It has been a real success in encouraging team mates to eat well whilst sharing their home-made food with each other.  I’d love to keep Chef Buddy going throughout the year, promoting healthy eating and improving morale within the team.”

Chef Buddy was a great success and will be implemented at regular intervals over the course of the year.  It encourages people to share their healthy eating habits whilst learning more about each other, and besides, who can complain about a free lunch every now and then?

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