Job Interview Tips

Plan your interview questions

It’s not just your interviewer who should be asking questions. Relevant and well-thought-out questions will make you appear engaged, enthusiastic and interested, in addition to demonstrating that you have initiative.

Don’t, however, bombard your interviewers with questions as this can interrupt the flow of the interview, preventing all parties from getting what they need from the process. Also, make sure you don’t ask about details that you have already been given during the interview.

Don’t be afraid to take in a list of questions to prevent the queries you have from slipping your mind under interview conditions. Far from making you look bad, this will demonstrate the forethought and planning you have devoted to your interview and make you appear organised and committed to success.

The questions you ask are important as they can reveal much more to your interviewer than you may think. If your first question is about the rate of pay or overtime incentives, you may appear too money-orientated, whilst a question about how your performance is measured will indicate a willingness to succeed and a confidence in your ability.

Question suggestions

  • How often will my performance be reviewed and how will it be measured?
  • What are the opportunities for career progression and further training within the company?
  • How can the company culture best be described?
  • Who will be in my team, what are their specific roles and who will be my closest co-workers?
  • What do you consider will be the key challenges I will face in this role, especially over the initial six-month period?
  • Are there any major company plans for the next five years or any long-term goals?
  • What type of leadership style does the upper management team employ?

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