Job Interview Tips

Competency based interview guidance

Interviewers use competency based questions to establish how a person is likely to perform in a role.  Behavioural questions are used and you will be expected to demonstrate your abilities through explaining relevant situations.  To help you, we’ve put together some common questions.

Tell me about a time when your work or idea was challenged

Here you should demonstrate your personal qualities, effective decision-making, tenacity, awareness, independence, ability to take risks and your honesty and openness.

Tell me about a time you led a group to achieve an objective

Here you should demonstrate how you’ve led others, mentored, empowered, managed (projects and employees), thought strategically and acted sensitively.

Tell me about a time when you identified a new approach to a problem

Here you should focus on your ability to make good decisions, how you’ve found solutions to problems, your attention to detail and practical learning skills.

Tell me about an occasion when you inspired teamwork?

Demonstrate your social competence here and describe how you have encouraged collaboration and teamwork, resulting in positive organisational outcomes.

What has given you the greatest sense of achievement at work?

Give examples of things that motivate you, such as high performance, excellence and engagement.  Demonstrate how you have used your initiative to gain a quality outcome.

Provide a structured answer

When preparing your answers to competency based interview questions, we recommend using the STAR approach:

Situation Give a bit of background

Task Describe your objective

Action Outline what you did

Result Say what you achieved

Use real life relevant examples and apply them to your experience, how you dealt with a situation and what feelings were present.

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