Growing Your Career

Preparing for promotion

Few people are handed a promotion on a plate. They are generally a reward for hard work and for demonstrating that you are ready to make your next career move. Follow these tips to help you prepare for this next phase and secure that next stage role.

Tip 1: Choose the right workplace

It won’t matter how well you perform and how ready you are for promotion if the opportunities for advancement simply don’t exist. That is why it’s essential to choose a company that offers you the room to develop.

Do your research before joining any new firm to ensure that there is the potential for advancement, and consider working for a growing firm that may be best-placed to offer future opportunities.

Tip 2: Managerial support

Your manager can be key to helping you achieve your goals but only if they are aware of your ambitions. Make sure that they understand how you want your career to progress and demonstrate your worth to make them realise how serious you are about developing and how much your work is already adding value to the business. Ask for greater responsibility to add to your experience and reputation for taking on challenges.

Tip 3: Mentor advice

Building a relationship with a mentor higher up in the company can not only provide you with valuable advice, guidance and insights, it can also actively open doors to opportunities. Your mentor’s opinion may become the deciding factor if you are being considered alongside peers for a higher-level role.

Tip 4: Future and current worth

You are unlikely to secure a promotion if your superiors think that you have allowed yourself to go stale and you have failed to keep your skills and experience up-to-date. Stay marketable by committing to on-going learning and keeping your motivation levels high.

Volunteer to carry out additional duties, perhaps with tasks usually associated with a higher level role, allowing you to learn and to demonstrate your abilities.

Tip 5: Do your current job well

You are less likely to land that promotion by complaining about how bored you are in your current job than you are by excelling at what you currently do. You want to be seen as a hard-working, dependable, capable and technically competent team member rather than a disillusioned time consumer who takes their foot off the pedal to focus all their energy on individual goals.

Tip 6: Demonstrate your value

Here are ten ways you can prove your worth in your current role:

Be reliable:
Meet deadlines and always deliver on promises.

Be professional:
Own mistakes and apply what you have learnt.

Be proactive:
Strive for continual improvement and grasp the initiative with both hands.

Be creative:
Don’t shy away from offering innovative solutions and fresh ideas.

Be a team player:
Get involved with activities and show your value as a member of the team.

Be visible:
Your superiors need to know who you are and what you do if they are to think of you when the next opportunity arises.

Solve problems:
Use your problem-solving skills to overcome hurdles for yourself – and others.

Be dedicated:
Go above and beyond the call of duty to demonstrate your dedication.

Show commitment:
Even the smallest of tasks deserves your best efforts.

Be a visionary:
Believe in the capabilities of your company, your team and yourself.

Time for a pay rise?

You may be certain that you are due a pay rise but your task will be to persuade others of the same. Negotiating a salary increase can be a tricky undertaking but preparation and the right technique can give you the best chance of success.

Don’t do anything until you have fully prepared for the negotiations or you risk falling at the first hurdle. Research the current market value of the role, know what you want the outcome of your negotiations to be, and be ready to demonstrate why you deserve a rise in tangible terms.
Look at how your company is performing and the state of the industry as a whole to give you a reasonable indicator of your chance of success. Prepare to quantify your key achievements and their business benefit.

This research will allow you to enter into negotiations with a confidence that is far more likely to result in a successful outcome than by simply turning up with a basic demand for more money.
Have a figure in mind but be willing to compromise and don’t demand an immediate answer without giving your boss time to fully consider your request.

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