Growing Your Career

Maintaining your marketability

In the world of journalism, there is a common saying that a reporter is only as good as their last story. The same is true for almost all sectors and all roles. You cannot rely upon past successes to maintain a marketable business reputation indefinitely. So what can you do to keep yourself at the top of your game?

Skills upgrade

To stay marketable you will need to keep your skills relevant and current. Try to match your skill set with potential employers in mind, as well as with the plans of your current employer. This will give you added value, both now and in the future, and committing to on-going learning and qualification strengthening will demonstrate that you have continued improvement in mind.
Make the time to read relevant trade journals and keep abreast of what is happening in your particular field. This will help you to identify the skills and attributes that are in demand right now, together with those that are likely to have future importance.

It is also essential to keep up-to-date with the continued advancement in technology. If you aren’t conversant with the latest applications in your field, sign up for a course to refresh your skill set.

Update your CV

Keep your CV fresh and up-to-date by including your current skills and most recent achievements and leaving out your history beyond ten years ago. Offer tangible examples of successes, such as increasing sales or streamlining business operations, and have samples of your work to hand to demonstrate your ability.

Be flexible

Wearing blinkers in an ever-evolving job market will inevitably lead to missed opportunities. Maintain flexibility and you will be best-placed to take advantage of the many potential roles that may present themselves.

Give yourself the greatest chance of success by being open to the possibilities that flexible employment can provide. Don’t automatically discount an opportunity merely because of the salary on offer, because it is in a different industry or because it is a contract rather than a permanent role.

The importance of networking

Your best marketing tool is yourself and networking will provide a forum to show off your talents and to develop your skills and your career path. Try to attend professional conferences, events and meetings to build your reputation and improve your visibility. You want to be the first person your peers and associates think of when opportunities arise.

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