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Your CV is the first impression you’ll make with a prospective employer so make sure it’s clean, clear and concise.


Send your CV to and one of our specialist Consultants would be delighted to provide you with some feedback.


Do’s and don’ts of CV writing

To assist you when writing your CV, we have summarised some handy dos and don’ts:



Do Keep it concise with no more than two sides

Do Steer clear of unnecessary information such as gender, age and religion

Do Begin sentences with verbs, rather than writing in the first person

Do Outline your career history, starting with the most recent first, clarifying any gaps

Do Bullet point your achievements and responsibilities, providing more information for your more recent roles

Do List your education and qualifications, starting with the most recent first

Do Include your IT skills, relevant training and spoken languages

Do Ensure any outlined hobbies and interests are brief

Do State that ‘Referees can be provided on request’

Do Check it for errors and ask someone else to check it also


Don’t However tempting, don’t make your CV too long – your CV needs to reflect all of your selling points, nothing else

Don’t Include a photograph of yourself on your CV unless necessary – the vast majority of professional jobs go to the person with the best looking CV, not the photograph

Don’t Use clichés. Everyone likes to say they’re a team player with great communication skills who can work under pressure. Instead, use your experience to demonstrate how you can do those things

Don’t Lie or embellish the truth on your CV – things are easily checked and a small untruth could blow your chance of success

Don’t List every process or package you’ve ever worked with, trained on, heard of or read on the job specification

Don’t Use tables and graphics such as ClipArt – they can look untidy and unsightly

Don’t Use inappropriate e-mail addresses or Twitter names that look unprofessional

Don’t Be tempted to shrink the font or reduce the margins to get more information in

Don’t Include pages of obscure testimonials, references, newspaper cuttings and brochures

Don’t Submit it using your personal e-mail address


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