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A concise and clear covering e-mail will lead to a higher chance of the prospective employer choosing you over and above the rest. Here are our top ten covering e-mail hints to make you stand out from the crowd:

  1. Address it to the person accountable for the role, named on the job specification, and quote the job reference at the top of the e-mail
  2. Positively explain your current role and why you’d like to progress
  3. Summarise what you know about the employing organisation – demonstrate you’ve done your homework and that you understand the employer’s needs and job requirements
  4. Explain why you are keen to be an employee of the organisation – outline your key strengths
  5. Tell them what you can offer them as an employee – give examples of relevant experience, express your enthusiasm for the role and demonstrate the value you would add
  6. Adapt the content of your e-mail to the role and try not to repeat yourself
  7. Emphasise your SAKE competencies and flexibility, providing examples which show a link between these and the needs of the employer
  8. Include any relevant and professional social media profile links e.g. LinkedIn
  9. Make sure your e-mail flows well, is concise and contains no errors – ask someone else to check it when you are happy with it
  10. Finish by emphasising a wish to speak further about the opportunity.

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